November 24, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, Introducing my new obsession: Ayaka Nishi the amazing Jewelry designer!

I fell down a dark, dark rabbit hole, and woke up in another world... one where I was embraced by beauty. By the delicate, and intricate work of Ayaka Nishi.

I can't even begin to tell you what my favorite pieces of Ayaka Nishi's jewelry are... Bone, Coral, Honeycomb, Spiderweb, Insect Wing, Fossil, Feather... I could slither into anyone one of them... wrap my mind, body and soul with them, and make them a part of me. Because that's just what they are... bone and skeletal embraces.... Honeycomb textures to wrap yourself in. Spider-web necklaces to adorn the collar and fish scale rings to make your finger come alive.

And when you visit her website, you are greeted with a video, that is married in symbolism. Gorgeous, and eerie... a bracelet in the shape of a spine, laying in the desert... like the remains of a dinosaur's skeleton...  to remind us, that when living creatures return to nature, we too become bones.

The eyes of the woman, when the flower emerges from her mouth, remind me of Man Ray.  The feathers, of a once forgotten era... they've become a favorite in the deep dark world behind heavy velvet curtains, with heavy lidded ladies and thin eyebrows.

As a child, Ayaka grew up surrounded by beauty and nature in Japan... the ocean, a slumbering volcano, the woods, green hills and meadows to roam. Watching and touching, she absorbed the textures and sights around her, and has incorporated their beauty and essence into her work.

Visit Ayaka to see more, learn more, and fall in love.

http://www.ayakanishi.com/ - website
http://www.ayakanishi.com/lookbook.html –online look book

Dear readers, this is my last post till next week. I'm off for the long Thanksgiving Holiday. If you haven't had a chance, take this time to enjoy nature. Close the laptop, breathe deeply of the air around you, and go for a long walk... preferably on your own. Leave your phone at home.
Much love!

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