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I Got My Heart On at 1 of a Find Vintage

The amazing blouse and skirt of Hearts. (top: Vintage Saks Fifth Avenue, skirt: Vintage Gloria Sachs)

Wait, let's start from the beginning...

Last Thursday night was book club, hosted by Honey Moon, who also happens to own 1 of a Find Vintage in Prospect Heights. And to make things more fun, she invited us to her Holiday Party at the store, the very same night. Afterwards, we would make our way back to her house, sit in front of the fireplace and sip champagne.

What a great excuse for me to break out my new vintage 80's lace flapper dress.

(seen here with my gorgeous 30's style felt hat)

I actually did not wear these Pedro Garcia shoes, and instead opted for 
my $12.00 thrift store ankle boots...  they seemed to go better... more of a 80's look.

So, bravely, I headed out in the cold on my own. My usual posse could not make it. So I hopped in a car, and headed to Prospect Park. On arrival, to my delight, the champagne was already corked, and the changing room a buzz. Honey handed me a drink, and  I quickly stowed by coat, and perused Honey's racks. (her clothing racks!) What great finds!!! As you can see from the first picture above, I scored a great skirt with graphic hearts, reminiscent of the Prada hearts, as well as that lovely sheer blouse. FYI, the white bra was meant for the white lace dress I came in!

Honey's been doing since the age of 15, when she opened a store called "Honey", in Northern California with her mom.   Soon she expanded, and opened a men's vintage store, "Honey's for Men", establishing herself with a large and loyal clientele.  It must have been hard, but she eventually closed her stores, to pursue a career in Fashion.  But the Vintage world kept calling her back, as her true passion, so she eventually started collecting again doing private sales and on ebay.  In 2007, she moved to New York with her husband, two girls and all her pets, and in 2008, opened up 1 of a find.

Honey Moon (second from left) with the shop girls

I also found this amazing suede skirt (see pic below), by Nichole Farhi! I would normally never go for this.. but I loved this 70's look. It will be great paired with my big brown boots, tank top and a boyfriend cardi, or short jean jacket.

However, my favorite find is a gorgeous blue dress, with little sparkles, very elegant as well as very fun and flirty... which I'll share at another time. But it's very Stevie Nicks. In fact, it was designed by Ms. Holly Harp, who was known for her rich hippie looks and did indeed designed the costume for Stevie Nick video, "If Anyone Falls". She was credited by the Los Angeles times as being the "doyenne of feathers and fringe". Some of her most famous customers were Grace Jones, Janis Joplin, Bette Midler and Liza Minelli. I'll post a photo of it later this week, as I definitely plan to wear it soon.

I had such a great time trying things on, and hanging out, I didn't realize the time was gong by so fast. Soon we were ready to leave to head to Honey's and discuss the book.

But before I was out the door, I looked at the Guest book and was drawn to these amazing illustrations by one of her shop girls, Lorna Gaddis. Just amazing. Well, naturally, she's off to school soon to pursue her art career. I can't wait to see how it all turns out for her.