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I Want a Zana Bayne Leather Harness for Christmas!

You may already have heard of her.  You might not have.. but you might have come across her blog or her amazing sexy harnesses and winged accessories.   But I only recently discovered who she is.   Her work does seem familiar... so I'm sure I've come across it. But the designer behind the work was a mystery to me.   

Thankfully, she introduced herself to me when we bumped into each other in the neighborhood.   Zana remembered me from Fashion Night out when I was in Consignment on Atlantic with Victoria, buying an amazing Stella McCartney shirt on sale.  She works there as well.

She handed me her business card, and mentioned her line of really cool leather harnesses.   Little did I know at the time, just how cool.   So I went home, looked her up, and realized... wow.   Blogging since she was 13 on  LiveJournal, Zana started her blog "Garbage Dress " in June 2008 when I she was 19. From Seattle, she moved to San Francisco, then Berlin, and now New York.  And ohhh.. she's only 23!  

Ah... The world is so different now.   You can create amazing things and sell them on Etsy, and blog about your life, your work, and style.   But Zana has her pulse in many doors,  collaborating most recently with Pleasure Principle.

Expert taken from The Multi-Talened Zana Bayne post by Jill Manoff on Corridor40
Between New York club haunts with her equally-fashionable-and-creative clan, she finds time to make a leather-heavy line of accessories that has received much attention, from Refinery29 to the UK’s The Guardian. Her signature harnesses fall somewhere between appropriate dress for a certain Corridor40 member’s famous, imagined “wayward traveler from the future” and part of a Lady Gaga stage costume. 

I'm particularly coveting her  2-Wing Leather Harness.  I think it would look really good with the  Norisol Ferrari's  Amelia leather jacket w/tails.

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Anyhow... I'm not going to say any more.  Listed below are some really great interviews with her, and links.  So please enjoy Zana, like I do.

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Zana Bayne Leather

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