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Lingerie a la la...

I know your dying to see something sexy, so I'm going to share these darling little peekaboo nighties.. which double nicely as tops from Kiki de Montparnasse.

This was from a little excursion the ladies and I took last week...  or was it the week before...

Victoria and I played personal shopper for Daniela and helped her pick out some very sexy lingerie.  We hit the best three places in SoHo; Agent Provocateur, kiki de montparnasse and our personal favorite Coco de Mer.  

The Review

(in order of visit + plus my top pick of lingerie from the stores)

Agent Provocateur,
I really love their lingerie.. the bras, garters and panties. The corsets especially are lovely.  They seem to have a lot to choose from, and have many sizes.   You can always find something there. Something for day, or night... or both.    They also have a huge selection of stockings, and "hold-ups" which are the stockings that stay up on their own. And I recently bought a pair that actually do!  Amazing. Even after being worn 3 times!

Kiki de Montparnasse,

It is very sexy, but a little too... controlled in this store.  I feel like you need to be quiet when you walk in.  It seems so serious.  No room for giggling.  Everything is clean, and elegant. Even the "play" toys.  Which don't really seem like they should be used.  Love the photography.. and love the music they play.   I also love the jewelry and the mix of antique jewelry as well.   Their bras don't fit quite right on me.  And they only seem to do a couple styles, but change the color so often.  But their little nighties are gorgeous...  and expensive.    I also love love love their long leather fingerless gloves (have a pair), and the little whips.

Coco de Mer,
The original.  Coco is more than a sexy lingerie shop with a few nice play toys like Kiki.  Here you'll find some fantastic toys, on a more luxurious scale than Babeland, and to go with them, you can collect an amazing selection of sexy luxurious lingerie.   The collection of leather cinches or belts, had me drooling.  There is more than lingerie, jewerly, and sex toys.  There are pillows, delicate plates and saucers, with naughty words and nicknames.  There was also a really fun comic book I saw, that I forgot to grab on the way out.  But best of all, Coco de Mer has events, like burlesque shows, talks and authors who come in and read.   There is a whole world going on in Coco de Mer..   of which I'm slowly emersing myself in...

but that's another story, and I'll tell you another time ;-)