December 17, 2010

The Six Degrees of Blogger Links...

Well, we will see if it works out that way...  I'm writing this as go through the process. The whole point is to start from one place, and end up at the same place? Before there was the Six degrees of Kevin Bacon, there was Truman Capote's very similiar game called IDC, or "International Daisy Chain".  Like the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, but racier, the object of the game is to make a chain of names, each connected by someone he or she has had an affair with.

So in this version, it is just the IBLC, or International Blogger Links Chain, or simply the Six Degrees of Blogger links.

Let's Start.

IFB (http://heartifb.com/)
My favorite community blog site for fashion bloggers to share their experience and resources so everyone can build a better blog. You can sign up, be a member, and join the discussion, meet like minded bloggers, and even guest blog. IFB was founded by Jennine of The Coveted in 2007, who is one of the nicest bloggers out there, with a wealth of information and experience that she's more than willing to share, and never makes you feel like an idiot!

LA CARMINA (http://www.lacarmina.com/blog/)
Recently featured on IFB (how easy was that) was La Carmina, a professional Harajuku & alternative fashion blogger. La Carmina Blog chronicles her adventures in Japanese Goth Punk fashion and subculture. But she is also a travel tv host, author and designer... and much much more.

Style Bubble (http://www.stylebubble.co.uk/)
A natural lead from La Carmina.   I know if you follow fashion trends, blogs and the like, you've heard of Susie Bubble of Style Bubble.  I've been following her on style bubble for a long time. I had the priviliage of seeing her speak at this years Internet Fashion Bloggers Conference. Really clever, smart, and productive, she is an inspiraton to all aspiring bloggers.

Garbage Dress (http://www.garbagedress.com/)
See, this is great... Just a click from one site to the next, brings up such genious fare...
and again, I'm obviously familiar with Garbage Dress, the blog hosted by Zana Bayne (whom I just recently posted on), the fabulous leather crafter of harnesses, belts and other sexy accessories.

Street Peeper Phil (http://www.streetpeeper.com/)
I love Phil because he reminds me of someone I knew in college. And I just love his street shots of street fashion. They don't look staged. Much like the Sartorialist, but on the edgy side of fashion. There are a lot of sites where people send in looks.. or pose seriously for looks. But these shots, are natural... In fact, yesterday I saw this girl on the street with a furry fushia coat on and a mohawk knit hat, and I thought, Street Peeper Phil would have taken her photo.. but even though I had my camera stashed I was to chicken to ask.

The Coveted (http://the-coveted.com/)
I swear, I did not actively try to find a blogger who linked to the Coveted, so we could all be back where we started... but alas, it just turned out that way! So, as I mentioned above, the Coveted is Jennine Jacob of IFB's fashion blog... and a few months later finding no organized support for would-be bloggers, she launched Independent Fashion Bloggers.

I hope you enjoyed this special of the Six Degrees of Blogger Links... If you do, I'll do more!
Enjoy the cold, for those of you like me who are suffering the Brrrs!

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La Carmina said...

Thank you, lovely! What a delightful site you have. Keep in touch!

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Author of Jpop books. CNNGo writer. Coolhunter. Pirate.

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