December 29, 2011

What She Wore

Well, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.   Some of you  are still in it, like myself, others are back at work.    I had a great time, and am still looking forward to the upcoming New Years bash.  I finally pulled out some dresses I've purchased that have never made it beyond my closet.  When I first bought this green dress from 1 of a Find vintage, Victoria pointed out that she had seen something similar– green silk dresses– in a Gucci, or was it Valentino Ad.  I can't remember.  But as cool as that seemed, I wasn't so sure it would work on me.   Well in fact.. it turns out it was the perfect Christmas dress!

First Party: combo birthday party / holiday party for a friend.   Pulled out the never before worn blue dress bought last year from 1 of a Find Vintage, Brooklyn New York.   That night, after the party, my son Jackson said, "Mommy you look really pretty. I love your dress".  

Second Party: Holiday party thrown in our honor by Dear Jennifer, as we are moving at the end of January.  Pulled out the lovely green dress from 1 of a Find Vintage, that I hadn't worn yet.  I call it the perfect Christmas dress! Worn with sexy Coco De Mer tights, and suede booties.

This dress went over so well, I just wore it again for Christmas (see previous post)

December 26, 2011

Lovely Yule Tidings From Lady Warfield

The Lady Olive rests on Lady Warfield's lap, thus making the the Lady feel without a doubt, a Lady.

December 24, 2011

Warby Parker in my Bedroom

I don't need to really need to elaborate on this one, just watch the video!

Don't you love the ugly template I used, using iMovie.   So easy. Wish you could adjust colors though.  Oh well.  Anyhow, give me your opinions!  Fast and furious.  Leave comments!

Glasses shown, in order:

All Mens- I like them on the larger side:

The Begley: striped chestnut
The Roosevelt: Revolver black matte

The Roosevelt: Striped Chestnut
The Thatcher: Whiskey Tortoise

The Huxley: Tennessee Whiskey


December 20, 2011

A Brooklyn Love Affair

Whether they've been around a while, or are sparkly and new, these picks for my favorite haunts of Boerum & Cobble Hill never failed to make me smile.  All within a 5 minute walk from my door, I can get clothed, fed and pampered without a hop, skip and a jump over the river.  Who needs Manhattan, when you've got Brooklyn!

Building On Bond
There are a lot of places to go and sit and write, type, and text in our neighborhood, but one of the more comfortable spots is BOB.  Delightfully designed and constructed by the firm Hecho Inc., the woodworking and integrated artwork make this special spot cozy and helps let the creative juices flow.  With artfully rusted file cabinets, salvaged fixtures, and tall wood "bar" tables, this place works as a cool space to sit in the morning and work on your laptop while drinking delicious expressos and eating sticky buns.   You can sit and stay through lunch as well, but mind the crowd, and move over.   It's a great place to run into friends and catch up with my old pal Lynn (the waiter, who once worked at the legendary former Boerum Food Company).  I love going there, although these days I've been sitting in my own kitchen, blogging from home.  But just writing about BOB makes me want to get up and go tomorrow morning.

112 Bond Street Brooklyn, NY 11217
(347) 853 8687

Come on, how can you NOT support our local book stores! Shame on you for spending money at Barnes & Nobles when you could shop at BookCourt.  Besides the owner and his son are very cute, so why not have a little eye candy while you pretend to peruse a a big fat book by Tolstoy, while trying to look all cool and smart.  To be honest, I do hit B&N, but for those Warrior book series for the kids, and the fashion magazines. But if I need to find something good to read, I head over to BookCourt, and I always order from them if they don't have it.  The staff is always nice, and after the recent renovation, there is room for those icky pretentious book readings, that I just love to attend.  No really. I do.

163 Court St  Brooklyn, New York 11201
(718) 875-3677

Paisanos Meat Market
Yes, yes, I know... some of you head over to that other butcher on Court.  But are you kidding me???  Paisanos has been around for over 45 years.  Have you been?   So confession: I'm a vegetarian (with a bacon streak) but none the less, I go to Paisanos to order our Turkey, get grade A beef and Pork Chops for the kids and the Mister.  Even Granny A heads there every time she stays with us.  She loves them.  Just as I do.  

162 Smith Street Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 855-2641

Bien Cuit
Now this is very new.  I love when I come back from my summer hiatus and enter the steamy city to find that new and delightful stores and cafes have popped up over night.  And Bien Cuit is a sweet new find!  Really yummy breads, and amazing breakfast pastries, and to die for Quiche.  They also have internet access (which is good and bad). But as they don't really serve a big lunch, and people tend to take to go, your not taking tables away from anyone if you decide to tuck in and get comfortable to write a while.  Another place where I bump into my neighbors with like minds.

120 Smith Street Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 852-0200

One Girl Cookies
One Girl popped up originally just producing amazing cookies and cakes, catering, wholesale and selling from their shop. But when the local favorite hangout (Boerum Food Company) closed it's doors (rudely I might add), One Girl came to the rescue. They opened up early, and started selling boiled eggs, biscuits, scones, granola, yogurt and fruit!  Oh, and amazing coffee!  And even more amazing service. They have hands down the best staff ever.  Really gone miss my gang there.  They are nice, funny and know what I like to order!  Plus, there is a 90% chance I'll get to say Hi to my brooklyn mobile buddies. Which are quite a few.

68 Dean Street Brooklyn, NY 11201
(212) 675.4996

When Rucola popped up, we weren't sure we would ever get a table; It seemed overly packed every night. But one night after a few drinks at Clover (a fantastic bar off Smith Street), Victoria and I stumbled over and managed to squeeze into a table.  I have little recollection of the food at the time, as drinking will sometimes cloud that sector of my brain, but remembered the atmosphere to be welcoming and fun.  We soon returned, and since then have brought the Mister, and most recently shared the long table for a big birthday party.   The food, is divine;  In small portions or some larger entries, your tastebuds are satisfied with the most delicious options.  My favorite being the Crudo– Bronzino, pickled green tomatoes, toasted sunflower seeds, basil, with Ligurian olive oil.   Out of all my brooklyn spots for breakfast, Rucola gives the best granola, yogurt and fruit.  Yummy.  I'm thinking of skipping Pilates just to go!

190 Dean Street  Brooklyn, NY, 11217
(718) 576 3209

Bar Tabac
I've had a love affair with BarTabac since I moved to the neighborhood 10 years ago. It's where I met my best friend Victoria.  It's where I went with the boys to go to dinner, when the Mister was out of town.  We would sit by candlelight, play UNO, drink Shirley Temples (they) and Wine (me), listen to the live band, and enjoy the company of the french wait staff.  The staff turns over every other year or so, and I miss them when they go...  Poncho comes to mind.  He's been there for a long, long time.  And I just recently bumped into him to find out, that he was on his way to pick up his last paycheck, and heading to some warm southern destination... for good.  That's it for Poncho.  The timing seems poetic, as we are also about to end our time with Tabac.  But I'll miss the Bloody Mary's and Eggs Norwegian on Sunday mornings.

128 Smith Street Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 923-0918

Fish Tales
Hands down the best fresh fish around.  And if you have polite small kids, they might get a gummy fish.  For our Christmas Eve & Brunch menu items (traditional white fish, smoked salmon and bagels), we used to go to Russ and Daughters in the East Village, when we lived there, and continued to do so when we moved here. But then we took a gamble and decided to try out Fish Tales, we have not set foot in Russ and Daughters again.  

191A Court Street Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 246-1346

It's not just that the lady who owns and runs GRDN is named Suzanne, like mine own, that I love this place.  And it's not because I know her, and her kids go to the same school as mine.  It's because she has an amazing eye, and lovely green thumb.  I pray that this spot does well, and she weathers the economic ups and downs of owning a small business.   This is just lovely, and you have to see it for yourself.

103 Hoyt Street, Brooklyn NY 11217
(718) 797-3628

Très Belle Petite Medi-Spa
If you read my blog, then you know about Trés Belle already.  Here is where you go to get pampered, to get renewed, and to erase time.  Just try doing this at home. Impossible.   We should all have health insurance that pays for this monthly.  That's what I want to hear from our upcoming presidential candidates:  Healthcare should include; waxes, facials, botox, massages and... spa castle.

Très Belle Petite Medi-Spa
105 Bond Street Brooklyn, NY 11217
(718) 797-0033

Diane T.
Okay, Diane... love Diane!! She's smart, funny and knows how to dress me.  She's tall like me, and always knows what will work.  I think my clothing obsession started because of Diane T.  I'm not sure if it's the clothes that draw me in (j. brand jeans, Splendid T-s, Habit sweaters, Diane Von Furstenburg, Milly... Okay, I'm blanking on all the designer wear because there is so many) or the ladies who work there; Diane and Daniella.   I totally wanted to work with them, but it's against her policy to hire people she likes or friends.   Diane grew up in the hood, and knows the lay of the land and the swish of the skirt.  I really, really will miss Diane and the girls.  And the clothes. And the mints.  Tiki will miss the treats.

174 Court St Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 923-5777

When I first met Christina she had a bullet hole in her head.  I'm not kidding. It was Halloween, and her and her ex came dressed as (guessing here) a mafia couple put to rest.  Very realistic I might add.  I didn't even realize at the time she was the same girl behind the desk at Mafalda; her very lovely store with a spectacular stock of vintage pieces.  It's not mad packed, so it's a joy to look through and relish each piece. There are no mothballs here, this is fresh, and the stock looks like it could be knew, but the delight is that it's vintage.  I bought this silky black blouse with the tie in the front there last year (before it was in style again, I might add).  I think Christina set's trends with her vintage finds.  She won't reveal where she gets her stock, for good reason, but wherever it is she's on the right path.  Just recently, when I was there with Victoria, we (or she) spotted this amazing cape/coat with a fox fur collar, in black.   I only do fur in vintage, and can only do it in small bursts.  I said there is no way this coat will fit me, but alas, it did! Before the good Mr. Warfield knew it, he was buying my my Christmas present!  

360 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217
(347) 987-3470

13) BODY
Henry Street Pilates
Pilates changed my body! It taught me how to use my core, how to feel each muscle group in my stomach, and how to stand taller.  There is much argument that it's not cardio enough to break a sweat, or loose weight. And maybe that is sometimes true, but there are days where the sweat is pouring because we work hard in Jan's class.  And Jan, let me tell you.  I love Jan. She has a strong and sweet personality.  Yesterday in class, I laughed so hard, and yet today, my abs and inner thighs are reminding me of just how hard we worked. Pilates gave me a flatter stomach, so even when I'm over eating, and feel the fat creeping back, my stomach doesn't pooch out as much, because the muscles are firm!  Yeah.  So to get the cardio, I play tennis and ride my bike. But Pilates is now a part of my life for good!  

385 Henry Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 873-5302


Fuck* I'm going to miss Brooklyn when I'm in Hamburg for the next few years!  And I just wanted to say, there are so many more wonderful places that I frequent in Brooklyn that I didn't mention above, but are very noteworthy and special to me for many ways, but I couldn't list them all.   I also tried to stay within a 5 minute walk from my door.  But don't let these slip by you either:  Mile End Delicatessen on Hoyt, Cloak and Dagger on Hoyt,  Pacifica on Pacific, Tazza on Henry, Dear Fieldbinder on Smith, 1 of a Find Vintage on Vanderbilt, Sesame Thai on Smith and the friendly staff of Starbucks on Smith and Wyckoff...   

Okay, now you tell me your your favorite Brooklyn spots!   Love to hear from you, always!

* Sorry for saying Fuck.

December 7, 2011

Serenity at Tres Belle Spa

It's a long time in coming, but it's never to late to brag about one of your favorite escapes.  And mine is Tres Belle Spa.  And this review is long over due!

The aptly named spa is owned and run by the smart and funny Allison Tray, who I wish I could go out on the town with; I know we would have a blast.   We would dance till dawn.

I met Allison about a year ago, at the Spa which had been heavily recommended to me by some notable women of our growing Boerum Hill neighborhood.  You'd be thrilled at some of the interesting and indy celebs that frequent it... like me.  Why I even ran into Zana Bayne on entering as she exited.  She has glowing skin, so I knew I hit the right place at the time.  Personally, I don't care who goes there as long as they look great on exiting.

Since then I've had a few IPL (Intense pulsed light) with Oksana, which gracefully helps remove summers unwanted sun spots.   My favorite is Yoshie's acupressure lifting treatment.  She rocks the massage, pressure points, extractions and all.

They don't just offer the most amazing facials (which they do), they also offer Laser Hair Removal,  Peels, Microdermabrasion,  and Eyelash Perm, Tint and Extensions!  I'm curious about the lash extensions. But I'm not ready to commit to that.  Yet.

Today I lay my self down for a new facial treatment.  Tres belle is now offering the amazing Tata Harper Facial.  And if you remember I did a piece on that last year, when my friend Tina Bech Lipman had a private party where myself and some other lovely ladies were able to experience it first hand.   We all walked out of there glowing. So I was pleased to see that Allison hooked up with Tata and is offering the same amazing treatment.

I have to say, I feel Devine. I'm about to go get dressed for a lovely little Birthday dinner for a friend, and I'm just so happy that my face is glowing!  I feel 5 years younger.

Allison Tray, proprietress of Tres Belle Spa 

Last year I sat down with Allison and we had a great conversation on how she started Tres Belle Spa.  It's a great story, that involves an adventure in fashion, acting, and Improv.  But eventually, feeling that wasn't the path for her, with her father's help investing in a laser hair remover machine, she took the plunge to start her own business.  Rather than waste more time, and train to use the machine herself, she hired someone else to operate it. Thus finding and forming a relationship with Oksana– who has ended up staying with her for the long run.  They started small, and worked from the back of her father's chiropractic office– an 8 square foot room– and eventually moved to her own space. After bouncing around a number of other locations, two years ago she found this lovely relaxing setting in our very own neighborhood.  We are fortunate indeed!

Now it's your turn. GO and share your experience with me here!

tres belle petite medi-spa
105 Bond Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217
United States
Phone: (718) 797-0033

December 2, 2011

The 43rd Family of the Weston Shoot.

So super cool!   We had our family portrait shot by Heather Weston ( a fellow Art Center Alumni ) and parent at the school my boys attend.  She created a personal challenge called 52 Families, where she photographs a different family every week for the year.   Her task;  to go out and get 52 families to participate.   She visits them at their home, and captures the whole family (pets too) interacting.   Well, it starts off with you posing.. but she waits and tries to capture the moment in-between.   The photo above, is not the photo she chose, but I love it too.  There were so many great shots.  See the shirt I made?   And I love the eye contact.

The one she chose on her site, shows us in cozy setting: our bedroom. It's special to me, because when the boys were toddlers, our morning routine centered around the bed.   We basically had breakfast in bed every morning!  That ended when they entered kindergarten.  But we still pile up in bed, and not only when there are nightmares... but to wrestle, laugh and cry.

So now Heather has a waiting list. But if you want your photo taken, don't worry.  You can hire her and get a great family portrait done by the holidays.  So hurry up, she gets booked fast!

See 52 Families:

November 30, 2011

A Thanksgiving Narrative

    There is much to be remembered of this past weekends excursion to Garrison to celebrate our third annual Thanksgiving among our friends.  But my favorite is of our excursion down the hill into the field to have our group photo taken by Jelle. There are many photgraphers among our group, professional and amateur... and thanks to the these amateur photographers, we were able to capture this adventure from all different angles.  

So the Sullivans, Midgleys, Warfields, Jung and Wagenaars– children and adults– all eagerly trekked in our nice clothes, through the tall grass and jumped, laughed and posed to document the event.

Leading the troops, Nick hauls the makeshift tripod out to the field

Jelle focuses in, and unsuspectedly becomes the subject

self portraits are always fun

capturing the photographers

capturing us

the Warfields

And of course, my Thanksgiving outfit: 
• Leopard jacket, from vintage store in Cold Springs
• Elizabeth and James Long black skirt, gift from Daniela
• Satin top by DarylK, Bond Street
• Necklace from Dear Fieldbinder, gift from Mark

November 28, 2011

The Manor at Garrison

the menu

This was our third thanksgiving in Garrison New York with our friends from Brooklyn.  It's really fun to share a little old American tradition with our friends, who are all  expat Brits, Dutch and German.   And even better, it's fun to share the kitchen with them.  Everyone seems to be a cook in some way or another. And some really different dishes get thrown in from the customary Thanksgiving meal, to create a more worldly thanksgiving feast.  There was red cabbage from German, Brussel sprouts from the Dutch, Devil on Horseback and Cauliflower Cheese from the Brits, and of course Turkey, roasted carrots and cranberry from the Americans.  The desert didn't miss a beat either.  We skipped the traditional Pecan and Pumkin Pie for a more gourmet set up of an Apple Strudel Pie with mystery spice and Cranberry cheesecake from the Dutch lady, and amazing chocolate soufflé from the Brit.   

We shopped, we cooked, we baked, we laughed, we photographed the event, we sat, we ate, we lay down, we ate more, we lay down more, we played ping pong, guitar hero, and backgammon.

It was an event to remember.   As I get ready for my move abroad to Germany, I will have so many fond things to remember from this past year.   I'm so thankful to all my friends and family.   I hope they take a leap of adventure and come visit me when I'm abroad.

Cooks in the Kitchen
everybody chips in

roasted carrots, with an eager customer at the shrimp

the boys chop while listening to tunes

Success is only 5 minutes to boiling

checking on Turkey Tim

The Details

The mash with carmelized onions and cream cheese, cheese brocoli, brussle sprouts

salad, grilled shrimp, stuffing and cranberry

apple surprise

the ol' lemon tart

Cuing Up

the children wait eagerly

the adults await patiently

winding down...
even the horse get's a treat

the mistress and mister of the manor

*Black and White Photography by Mark Warfield.  Colored photos (besides the apple surprise and lemon tart) by Jelle Wagenaar.

Just In: Footage from my Fall Fashion Class

Here at last, the footage from our exclusive runway show, featuring the designers modeling their own priceless designs.  All the girls sat for makeup detail, and then perfected their own personal walk as they strutted the halls of ps261... our own little runway.

I feel so blessed to have worked with these little ladies. They all hold a special place for me.  I'm hoping they will all keep in touch, and won't forget me.  I'll be back. That's for sure! see it and more here.

November 17, 2011

It's Never too Late to Say I love you with a Gift!


A belated but beautiful birthday gift from my husband.  Just what this girl was coveting!  Thank you babe!

Just a note to say... I can NEVER get the name of this store right: Dear Fieldbinder.  I have one of these silly memory lapses and always say... Dear Freilander... oh well.  

Fieldbinder, Fieldbinder, Fieldbinder, Fieldbinder!!

November 14, 2011

Barefoot! Who me? Never!

Yes I am obsessed. But it's not my fault. I can't help that the shoes out this fall are hot. Or that a little vintage store happens to have a pair of fake snakeskin boots that fit perfect.   It's really not me.  Things happen!

Opposing Friends:
DarylK's Kerrigan Cowboy Boot.
Paul Smith's, wing tipped miller
"Everything a Man does, a Woman can do better!"

I've been looking for the perfect wing tipped "mans" shoe,
but wasn't satisfied till
I found these gems.

Highly Coveted.. finally scored.

Cute little walkable ankle boots- Blowfish Malibu, picked up at DNA on Smith.
The Perfect Platform wedge in suede with leather tipped toes and unique cut out on side- SENSO DIFFUSION-
Dear Fieldbinder on Smith Street.

The Prize:  $40.00 fake snakeskin boots found at
Sweet Little Vintage place in Cold Springs, New York
(Heavenly Treasures 93 Main St Cold Spring)