January 31, 2011

Hot Lips and the Girls Party All Night Long...

In celebration of Suzy's 40th birthday party, all the girls came out... and the lips, otherwise known as Suzy's mascot!  It was an event to remember!  A lovely group of ladies all in their 40's, or close to it, looking hot and sexy, stopping traffic and getting applause from the 20-30 something crowd for raising the roof on an otherwise calm restaurant.
    Hey Ladies, we still got it!
    I for one never intend to loose it!

featuring: Victoria, Tika, Michelle, Astrid, Karen, Suzanne, Suzy, Angela, Christi, Jacky  (margi is missing)

As you can see, a lovely group of ladies.  We met up at Weather Up on Duane Street in Tribeca, where we started with drinks and presents, and then headed up to SoHo to Cafe Falai.

As you can see I'm happily sporting my new vintage Valentino jacket, finally, and this lovely Philip Lim silk shirt.     The manager at Cafe Falai was so sweet, they helped Suzy cut the cake, and ordered a bottle of wine on the house.  Of course, when we couldn't pass up an opportunity to dance to some Flo Rida and Jay-Z, so we all jumped up in our seats and brought the house down!

Time to hurry up and pay the tab, and head over the the final event of the evening, Black Taxi live at Bowery Ballroom.

Final goodbyes, and while some of the girls just walked home to their spots in Manhattan, the Brooklyn girls jumped in a cab and headed over the Brooklyn Bridge...  

There is no sleep till Brooklyn.

January 28, 2011

Projects, Projects, Projects!!! I need more energy!!!

Intro to Fashion : Junior Reading List

Friday is always fabulous because it is the last day of the week, and yet the beginning of the weekend.  I always look forward to sleeping in on the weekend!  Oh but to juggle it all!  Yes, life is busy here, at Lady Warfield's Brooklyn Hideaway. Just so busy busy busy!

I'm in the midst of prepping for a job that will come up in the spring!  While I'm still very sad about the loss of a fabulous job that came my way then mysteriously evaporated,  I'm very excited about this new adventure. I will be teaching Intro to Fashion to 4th and 5th graders at our local elementary school.   The challenge for me is to make sure I have the content targeted for their age... not mine!  LOL.   But I plan on having guest speakers as well, which will really be fun for them, as well as excitting projects, and lots of talks on fashion, trends and style.  Really, I want to help them understand the most important thing is to be just yourself, and be comfortable with yourself to experiment and have fun with fashion, despite trends, etc...  And for the girls who think fashion even in their sleep, I'll be talking about the career opportunities there are in the big old fashion world. (this is where the guest speakers come in)

Florence & Dea, my teacher assistants

What else have I been up to this week?    It's the second week of the Writers Winter Workshop that I signed up for.   Yes, it's a writing class, and we are focusing on the Memoir.   I wanted to join forces with other writers, and benefit from the experience of the writer who is teaching the class, Lizzie Simon.  So far, so good.   It's all for the effort of completing my book.

The writer, Noel Streatfield, at her desk...

Finally, I'm preparing for my Detox.  Yes, everyone seems to pull out a good detox this time of year.   I was smart and waited a month after the holidays were over, so I could give myself some recovery time from those dreadful binges.

I'm doing the "Clean Program" by Junger.  I discovered it through my friend Heather, who was doing it in December, and just lit up the room with her glow.   But I hate reading those books.. I have such ADD when it comes to the subject matter.  So as a trade, she's helping me get started, and I'm helping her start up a blog for her photography project.

The reason I'm doing the detox is not all together for weight loss, but I'd be lying if I said I would be unhappy if I lost some tire fat.   The main reasons to do this detox is to gain energy, rid the body of gassy toxins that get stuck in the belly, and help reset ones digestive system.   I'm hoping it might even help reduce the inflammation that is causing my chronic back pain.

As a complete coincidence, I saw that Gala Darling is also doing it, and is in fact half way through the 21 day program.   She has some amazing advice and shares her experience on her blog.

"I have a shake for breakfast & a shake for dinner. They’re made up of three different supplements: Move (which is mostly fibre), Nourish (proteins, minerals & vitamins) &Cleangreens (spirulina, chlorella, Icelandic kelp, dulse, probiotics & about a million different other things!). I usually add them to smoothies from The Juice Press (best best best juice bar in New York City). The shakes are surprisingly filling. You’re not supposed to eat anything after your shake for dinner, so you give your body plenty of time for detoxification while you sleep. The first few nights, I found it really hard not to snack during this time, & I would clench the bed-covers with a gnarly fist & growl at my boyfriend, “Talk to me about food!!!!!!” However, those feelings quickly subsided & now I am 100% disinterested in heading for the fridge after my shake. Progress! "-  read more wit and wisdom at gala darling

 I'm looking forward to the feeling of clarity and energy that lets you not only start projects, but finish them!    At the moment, Heather is giving me some lovely green drinks in the AM, preparing me for the event which I'm starting Tuesday.   My package of supplements should arrive today (weather permitting).  My main worries, even more than no alcohol, is the no coffee rule.   Ugh. But, it's only 21 days... and after, I might just drink less.

I'll try and give updates along the way, but don't expect much the first 3 days...  in fact, stay far far away from me.    Grrrrrr.

The book, for those who want to read about it first.  Which, btw, is highly recommended.

January 24, 2011

And the L.A.M.B. Stripe Plaid Dolly Dress winner is....

Well my lovey's it's time to do it. What, you say? But your GFC followers are only at a measly 38. Tis true, tis true. But, I decided to check out how many followers I have on my RSS feed. I always forget to check it out, because it doesn't have a nifty little widget with icons of all my lovely followers. I have to click in, sign in, and then it doesn't give me names, just a number. I can narrow it down to what browser or platform they use, but that's about it. But get this... to my utter delight I have 43 subscribers. So, add the 38 to the 43, and I'm pretty happy with my 81 followers. I'm done caring. And now I'm moving on to other pursuits!

So, now on to todays buisness. The winner of this lovely little dress I've been trying to giveaway for a couple of months is:


So, Sherri, get in touch with me this week at ladywarfield{at}gmail{dot}com, and give me the details on where to send you this lovely prize!

Thanks to everyone for submitting your comments, following, posting, tweeting, etc... If your curious on how I picked the winner, here's how I did it:

For every one of the tasks you did, I put your name in that many times. Then I put the list of names into random.org's list randomizer, and shuffled them up. The name at the top of the list, wins the prize!

January 19, 2011

Nuit Nº12, a collection of accessories to be treasured!

Handcrafted Yummies by Ludivine Machinet & Frédéric Baldo

I can just imagine myself returning from my long adventure of the day wearing a Zana Bayne's Harness over a Norisol Ferrari coat, with my Nuit Nº12's bronze bracelets draped over my wrist, while I stow away my other priceless pieces into my magical secret treasure box.

Below are just a few of my favorites.  I love skulls, and I love the gargoyle like lions and rams.  Check out their site to see more (Nuit Nº12's).  I love the beautiful opening image; the smokey like water floating over a gorgeous piece of jewelry...

January 17, 2011

An Unsafe Journey Leads to the Road of Success

Unsafe Journey by  Amy Helene Johansson

Haunting isn't it?  It makes the viewer uncomfortable, uneasy, and yet very curious about the story that surrounds the young woman, and the person who so elegantly and imaginatively captured this moment.  The risk to both participants is great, and from the comfort of the couch, or chair, wherever you might be viewing this, that risk is just captivating.

I was late to discovering this picture which was featured in the December issue UK edition of Elle magazine.   She was one of the Elle commission price nominee.  She also won a Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize.

I would love to have a print of this.  I'm just... so drawn to it.

January 13, 2011

It's Houndstooth, Honey! I Just Love Vintage Valentino!

I do adore a fitted blazer when I find one!   And I have been looking for some time.   This precious piece was acquired at Olive's Very Vintage down on Court Street in Carroll Gardens.  I just love the quality, and the detail in the buttons. And, yes, it's vintage Valentino.  To die for, Darlings, just to die for!!!

I'm also wearing this necklace I picked up online from Leviticus Jewelry.
Massively gorgeous Lion!  ROAR!!!  I picked up two other pieces as well.  Lovely dangly dagger earrings, and gorgeously painful bear.

Loads of love, 
From the freezing depths of Brooklyn.

January 7, 2011

As the snow falls down around me, I long for those long hot summer days...

This morning, after a weeks worth of errands and boring duties that involved phone calls and appointments, I finally am able for some precious me time.  That is to say, I finally have time to carve out 2 hours for a bit of writing.   I'm torn because I want to post, but I have to focus on my book.   So I'm sitting away from my home distractions in Starbucks, preparing to write, when I find myself gazing out the window at the snow falling down, and absently looking through folders on my desktop, clicking randomly on photos I took over the summer.   That's when I came across this set.

Sometime in August, I think, we had visiting friends (yes the Sullivans), and we made this really typical and yummy summer meal.   My contribution was this Tomatoe Tart.   I don't have the recipe on me, but if you want, you can email me, or leave a comment, and I'll share it when I get home.


If you didn't know it already, I follow recipes to the "T".  I guess, even though this is savory, technically, it's like baking.   I recall having to make a pastry doe, and chilling it before adding the rest.  But it was all so terribly easy, and yet so yummy.  There is a fine layer of garlic under the tomatoes.  It's almost like Pizza, but lighter crust, and no sauce, and not a lot of cheese.  

January 3, 2011

A girl on a Mission... Redeem that Apple Gift Card Pronto!

So psyched!

For Christmas, one of my presents was the iPhone 4. So today I happily went and redeemed it. Then I proceeded to spend most of the day, synching and playing with it.  Really it just guzzled up my time.

Oh well, so much for posting something intelligent today.

First picture taken with iPhone 4:

January 1, 2011

It's Never Too Late for Resolutions

    Ah, well it's that time of year again... to sit down and think of some good New Year Resolutions. I think I skipped it last year, because I was coming off of a hard year in 2009. But I'm ready. Thankfully I've already started some of them, but I think it's time to get serious. I mix it up with easy things and hard things. So here's my list, in no particular order of importance.

1. Networking. Get out there more in my blog community. This means, it's time to go back and do some of the early things I did on my first blog, when I networked. Oh yeah... Networking. You know, leave comments, emails, read other posts, offer up something interesting.

2. Blog more consistently... again. Yeah.. I go on and off. Sometimes I do it more regularly and sometimes less so. I started this blog as a way to explore my writing, and other aspects of my creativity. So, it's time to get back into it. That is, unless something else comes up, and I have less time. Then I'll mark that off this list.  In the meantime, I'm trying out the Daily Post challenge, in order to try and motivate me to get on it.  We'll see.

3. Ok, enough of blog stuff. Back to writing. Just a couple of years ago, I started writing this book. But my other jobs keep me away from it. Damn them. But you know life is hard for a woman*. And if you want to be a part of it, the way I've grabbed it by the crotch, you have to juggle many things. But writing is a priority, and I must make time.. so I hereby dedicate 2 days a week, 2-4 hours, for just plain old writing!

And now for a small intermission.  
I once made this list to put in perspective what I like to describe as my roles in life:

woman • WIFE • mother • creative
WRITER • painter • BLOGGER • chauffeur
designer • treasurer • accountant
council • FRIEND • daughter • COACH
mediator • motivator • therapist • TEACHER
cleaning lady • SHOPPER • cook • photographer
LOVER • student • BAKER 

Ok.. back to my resolutions

4. I really need to take myself, the dog, and the kids to the dentist and the dermatologist. (yes I know that's boring.. but it's something I've been putting off)

5. PURGE. This means, go through and toss what's not important, and organize what is. I'm feeling a bit like I need things organzied and clean around me. Momma needs a clean house or I can't think!! and All that shit shoved under the bed is starting to bug me. What is it? And why is it there!!!

6. Ok, everyone always has a health thing to add. Well, I've been doing pilates (or physiotherapy 2 times a week because of my back) and tennis twice. SO I know I'm getting exercise the good way. But I want to pump it up! I want to get on a routine that involves more sweat. SO that's one thing. Another is, I really want to try and drink only on the weekends. Just give myself a break during the week. I need to start small. A full detox thing, just ain't gonna work for me right now.

7. Generally, I need to structure my time better so I can do all these things I want, and feel satisfied at the end of the day.

8. Go to Europe with the family this year!

9. Ride my bike even more!!! I'm really into it. LOVE IT!!!

10. Maybe find a cooking class.. or just start cooking more. Less ordering in!!

Ok, that's enough. I'm getting bored of this. Maybe I'll check in, in 6 months and let you know how I'm doing on this. What about you? Any specific plans??? Resolutions??? Leave me a comment and let me know!

And now, with just less than two hours to spare on the first day of 2011, I wish you Happy New Years!!!