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Hot Lips and the Girls Party All Night Long...

In celebration of Suzy's 40th birthday party, all the girls came out... and the lips, otherwise known as Suzy's mascot!  It was an event to remember!  A lovely group of ladies all in their 40's, or close to it, looking hot and sexy, stopping traffic and getting applause from the 20-30 something crowd for raising the roof on an otherwise calm restaurant.
    Hey Ladies, we still got it!
    I for one never intend to loose it!

featuring: Victoria, Tika, Michelle, Astrid, Karen, Suzanne, Suzy, Angela, Christi, Jacky  (margi is missing)

As you can see, a lovely group of ladies.  We met up at Weather Up on Duane Street in Tribeca, where we started with drinks and presents, and then headed up to SoHo to Cafe Falai.

As you can see I'm happily sporting my new vintage Valentino jacket, finally, and this lovely Philip Lim silk shirt.     The manager at Cafe Falai was so sweet, they helped Suzy cut the cake, and ordered a bottle of wine on the house.  Of course, when we couldn't pass up an opportunity to dance to some Flo Rida and Jay-Z, so we all jumped up in our seats and brought the house down!

Time to hurry up and pay the tab, and head over the the final event of the evening, Black Taxi live at Bowery Ballroom.

Final goodbyes, and while some of the girls just walked home to their spots in Manhattan, the Brooklyn girls jumped in a cab and headed over the Brooklyn Bridge...  

There is no sleep till Brooklyn.