February 22, 2011

A Whimsical Fantasy for a Fashionable Fall

So let's just pretend I'm sixteen again. Barely anything to do but homework and spend endless hours reading. Yes, I remember those long hot summer days as I lay out by the pool of my mother's friend's home–listlessly browsing through fashion magazines I picked up in D.C. As I'd turn the pages I would pretend that I was a very wealthy woman who was going through the magazine to choose her upcoming fall wardrobe. Ah, the fantasy of it. And the possibility.

Well let's do it again. Only now, some odd long years later, I'm not leafing through magazines, but clicking through blogs and websites, doing the same damn thing.

Here, without further ado, is my wishful wardrobe list, all to be put in a trunk and ready for me to take on a long steamship voyage across the seas to Europe where I'll travel and party with all my friends. Not a care in the world, nor issue nor crisis. And all looking just so marvelous.

prabal gurung - for etherial romantic evening

edun - Running day into night, never looked so delicious

mullberry - crisply strolling through the streets of paris for a cafe before the muesum

 theyskens' theorey - comfortable never looked so sexy–I'm wearing this in and out

alexander wang - the girls want to go dancing!  I know what I'm wearing!

February 18, 2011

Betsey Johnson is Darling!

Yes, I've alway soved her stuff! So Cute! So playful.  And you might think a woman over 40 could not wear her clothes, but she does!   It's definitely not for everyone.

I'm sharing her Spring/Summer 20011 Fashion Show, because I just adore the vibe.  Would have been so rock n' roll to have been there in person.  Maybe next year I'll get invited to more shows!

I'm off for my "winter recess", but I hope to stop in and post.  There's always something going on, somewhere.

February 16, 2011

The Follow Up: Pre Fashion Show Boot Walk

Saturday night, right before we headed to Daryl K's Fall Fashion Show, we hustled it to Christopher Street to see Alex Davis launch of Cobra Society's bootwear collection.  Alex, the designer was on hand to try to convince Daniela to buy a pair of her fabulous boots.  It was impossible to choose, as well as the impossible price tag, but that didn't stop Daniela from trying on just about every pair. 

My favorite is the tall tan one, or the short black one.  But it'll be in another life time that I lay down that kind of money for boots (around $1100).

February 15, 2011

Post Valentines Glee

Yes siree, I do have glee! I am gleeful, I am cheerful, and I am busy transferring files and data from my old lappy top to my new lappy top! The magnificent MacBook Air!

Baaaa. what? You say! Excuse you. Yes, my lovely husband surprised me with a MacBook Air for Valentines/Anniversary! Yes, yesterday marked our 16 year anniversary of the day we met, and fell for each head-over-heals, and immediately started dating. It's a very important day... and it just so happened to fall on Valentines day.

The lead up to this story is that I've been going on and on about my old MacBook and how it's loosing it's gumption. It's slow, it pokes, it crashes.. it's tired. It needs to retire. Well, the kids need a computer, so I can strip it and make it enjoyable for them. So I've been on about this new MacBook Air that came out, and apparently he's been listening!

So last night as we were cooking (together), I said, "I'm so excited, I got this amazing freelance gig, and now I can by myself a new MacBook Air!". And he said, very convincingly, "That's great!".

SO there I am, opening this present, I think to be lingerie, but it's too heavy, so as I rip the paper off, I think, what book is this.. and I start to read the side, and it says: MacBook... Air!!!! I just dropped my head down and collapsed with joy.

It's been a long time since this girl was surprised like this. Wow.

So the photos that accompany this rant about my Love of Air, are of our little Valentines Day project. Window decorations!

February 14, 2011

Daryl K Makes Us Ladies Wish Fall 2011 Were Here Already!

Saturday night the brooklyn ladies made the short journey into the city and the world of fashion with a visit to Daryl Kerrigan's fashion show for her line: Daryl K.  And boy did we have a spectacular night.  I'll share the main event first, and follow the earlier part of the evening in my follow up post.
Even the critics have wait patiently like the rest of us

The fall leaves and bramble strewn about the runway echoed the patterns of bark, branches and leaves that appeared on ponchos and jackets.   A bit camouflage and a bit earthy, but with the punk leather leggings it added a nice edge.  Something you could actually wear into real life. My life.  My favorites were a camel poncho, and the fun large collared jackets. Both Daniela and I oohed and awed over the drop crotch leather leggings. But the camel colored leggings, top and matching shoes with the leather green jacket cut off-kilter and askew was divine.

better to show you with professional shots from the night aka style.com

Blundering video footage by Lady W

The tailoring was amazing on all these pieces.  The silk wrap dresses, in all their slinkiness, with little sparking stones sewn here and there were just so whimsical.. it felt like it just happened by accident.  But none of it was. It was all exquisitely tailored.
All of it was accompanied by music from the doors, some very familiar classical piece I can't place, dialogue from William Burroughs, and then some club music.  The models were refreshing as Daryl used real women off the street along with professional models.

a little bit of runway trickery. no accidents either.

Today the reviews were very favorable, I have to say.  I saw Cathy Horyn sitting across from us (you can see her in the photo above, amongst the other writers, reporters & critics) and Daniela gave me the scoop on her. She's a tough one.  D predicted she would only write something short, but that you look for the praise that is sometimes given with a quick little wit.  And so she did.  She gave it to Daryl and dissed the boys.

who is this lady behind the mic?

And what did the Brooklyn ladies think?    Daryls our friend, and were happy to say we loved it!  We think the Brooklyn mums would look hot in all the looks.  Can't wait to see Daryl at school at pick up and give her another hug! Job well done Lady!!!

Yours Truly and the lovely Daryl

Brooklyn Ladies from left-right: Jennifer, Daniela, Gayle (ex-brooklynite), Victoria, Sonya and I

There I am, in in the corner, Victoria sporting fern, Daniela and Gayle catching up, in splendid man-repellant jackets.

the invite.

Stay tuned for scoop on earlier events.

February 11, 2011

Fashion can be Painful

In many more ways than one.  This doll is in pursuit of something, or somebody, and willing to break an ankle or freeze to death. But the hat definitely balances everything.

I'm in the city for my monthly hair appointment at Armando Corral, with the fabulous and tiny Marie. She makes magic out of chops.  And walking to and fro I have to pass the young and beautiful as they head to fashionable appointments. It's an amazing spectator sport. Worthy of the Man Repeller!

February 10, 2011

Fashion Week Has Me Drooling in Blog Envy!!!

Here I am on day TEN of my TWENTY-ONE day cleanse, and I can tell you I do have energy, finally.   But I still get distracted and find myself unable to force myself to do just one thing.   It's just so hard to come home, sit down and write for those THREE available hours when you see that the kitchen needs to be cleaned from the morning's explosion, the dirty laundry on the floor needs to get shoved in the washer, the endless boots and shoes need to be put away,  emails need to be answered, babysitters need to be reached, and days need to be planned...   Oh what was it I really wanted to do?  Write.

I could go back and look at what I wrote on this blog earlier, but I'm too busy to browse. So hopefully it's okay if I repeat myself. But not only am I doing the cleanse, I'm also enrolled in a online writing class.   I do okay, on and off, but this week I have not managed the assignments.

I have so many things on my plate!  I'm in the midst of putting together the material for this amazing Fashion class I'm going to teach at our public school, and I'm helping the PTA committee with our upcoming Auction.   I'll post both flyers, in March.  It's too soon now.

But I just wanted to drop in and let you know I'm still here, and trying to post at least 2 times a week while my life is pushing crazy.   I will be doing a profile on one of our local Spas this month, and have more to come!

In the meantime, I've found myself heavily distracted by Man Repeller!

This site is endless hours of gut wrenching laughter, and possible soiled undies.  So be careful.   I encourage you to go and spend some time on her site.  Oh and Gala Darling again, who write now is in Vegas:

I go back every now and then and really enjoy her blog too.

Back to me for a minute.

Here's some photos of  me with a few of my favorite finds:

Top Left:  Vintage Black Blouse from Mafalda on Atlantic Avenue, brooklyn;
 Lion Necklace from Leviticus Jewerly online 
Middle: Sporting my bellbottoms by 7 for Mankind; Belt from Clothing Swap
Top Right:  ROAAAARRRR.   From Leviticus.

February 6, 2011

Valentines Promo: Tu es tre belle!

       I have found an OASIS here in Brooklyn during these long cold winter days:  Tres Belle Petite Medi-Spa!  Once a secret, Tres Belle has now gained a huge following and was voted
Best Spa/Facial on Citysearch and AOL.

       Right now, Allison and her staff are offering a Valentine's promo to assist the American Cancer Society in helping over 4,000 Brooklyn families affected by cancer.  Many of my friends have been touched by cancer in the last year–my family included–so I feel quite personally about trying to do every little bit I can.  

   Let's work together this Valentine's Day to do something about it!

Tres Belle Spa
105 Bond Street (bet. Atlantic Ave. & Pacific St.)
Boerum Hill Brooklyn NY 11217

February 3, 2011

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

This is my Tribute to Karen O. Amazingly talented vocal chords, and a great stage presence. Of course, I love her sense of style. She's hot too!

She looks like a very young Siouxsie Sioux in this video. But her style, and her music is original.

This video, shows her in a very punk, japaneese look. Love the blue, black and studs.

Ok, so let's talk hair! I woke up one morning and my hair had grown out into a Karen O/Dorothy Hamill look! I didn't even have to do anything! That night, just to encourage it, I curled my hair under, and WOW. What rave reviews! I love it. I'm gonna nurture this for a bit. But I do like the cut from the video above.

okay, so maybe it is a bit more Dorothy Hamill.  But it is not Justin Bieber.