February 18, 2011

Betsey Johnson is Darling!

Yes, I've alway soved her stuff! So Cute! So playful.  And you might think a woman over 40 could not wear her clothes, but she does!   It's definitely not for everyone.

I'm sharing her Spring/Summer 20011 Fashion Show, because I just adore the vibe.  Would have been so rock n' roll to have been there in person.  Maybe next year I'll get invited to more shows!

I'm off for my "winter recess", but I hope to stop in and post.  There's always something going on, somewhere.

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sherri said...

received my gorgeous L.A.M.B. dress in the mail this weekend from you and...I LOVE IT...and...It fits! I will post pics soon on my new site (posttaste.blogspot.com). thanks soooooo much, it really is an amazing dress. xo, s