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Daryl K Makes Us Ladies Wish Fall 2011 Were Here Already!

Saturday night the brooklyn ladies made the short journey into the city and the world of fashion with a visit to Daryl Kerrigan's fashion show for her line: Daryl K.  And boy did we have a spectacular night.  I'll share the main event first, and follow the earlier part of the evening in my follow up post.
Even the critics have wait patiently like the rest of us

The fall leaves and bramble strewn about the runway echoed the patterns of bark, branches and leaves that appeared on ponchos and jackets.   A bit camouflage and a bit earthy, but with the punk leather leggings it added a nice edge.  Something you could actually wear into real life. My life.  My favorites were a camel poncho, and the fun large collared jackets. Both Daniela and I oohed and awed over the drop crotch leather leggings. But the camel colored leggings, top and matching shoes with the leather green jacket cut off-kilter and askew was divine.

better to show you with professional shots from the night aka

Blundering video footage by Lady W

The tailoring was amazing on all these pieces.  The silk wrap dresses, in all their slinkiness, with little sparking stones sewn here and there were just so whimsical.. it felt like it just happened by accident.  But none of it was. It was all exquisitely tailored.
All of it was accompanied by music from the doors, some very familiar classical piece I can't place, dialogue from William Burroughs, and then some club music.  The models were refreshing as Daryl used real women off the street along with professional models.

a little bit of runway trickery. no accidents either.

Today the reviews were very favorable, I have to say.  I saw Cathy Horyn sitting across from us (you can see her in the photo above, amongst the other writers, reporters & critics) and Daniela gave me the scoop on her. She's a tough one.  D predicted she would only write something short, but that you look for the praise that is sometimes given with a quick little wit.  And so she did.  She gave it to Daryl and dissed the boys.

who is this lady behind the mic?

And what did the Brooklyn ladies think?    Daryls our friend, and were happy to say we loved it!  We think the Brooklyn mums would look hot in all the looks.  Can't wait to see Daryl at school at pick up and give her another hug! Job well done Lady!!!

Yours Truly and the lovely Daryl

Brooklyn Ladies from left-right: Jennifer, Daniela, Gayle (ex-brooklynite), Victoria, Sonya and I

There I am, in in the corner, Victoria sporting fern, Daniela and Gayle catching up, in splendid man-repellant jackets.

the invite.

Stay tuned for scoop on earlier events.