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Fashion Week Has Me Drooling in Blog Envy!!!

Here I am on day TEN of my TWENTY-ONE day cleanse, and I can tell you I do have energy, finally.   But I still get distracted and find myself unable to force myself to do just one thing.   It's just so hard to come home, sit down and write for those THREE available hours when you see that the kitchen needs to be cleaned from the morning's explosion, the dirty laundry on the floor needs to get shoved in the washer, the endless boots and shoes need to be put away,  emails need to be answered, babysitters need to be reached, and days need to be planned...   Oh what was it I really wanted to do?  Write.

I could go back and look at what I wrote on this blog earlier, but I'm too busy to browse. So hopefully it's okay if I repeat myself. But not only am I doing the cleanse, I'm also enrolled in a online writing class.   I do okay, on and off, but this week I have not managed the assignments.

I have so many things on my plate!  I'm in the midst of putting together the material for this amazing Fashion class I'm going to teach at our public school, and I'm helping the PTA committee with our upcoming Auction.   I'll post both flyers, in March.  It's too soon now.

But I just wanted to drop in and let you know I'm still here, and trying to post at least 2 times a week while my life is pushing crazy.   I will be doing a profile on one of our local Spas this month, and have more to come!

In the meantime, I've found myself heavily distracted by Man Repeller!

This site is endless hours of gut wrenching laughter, and possible soiled undies.  So be careful.   I encourage you to go and spend some time on her site.  Oh and Gala Darling again, who write now is in Vegas:

I go back every now and then and really enjoy her blog too.

Back to me for a minute.

Here's some photos of  me with a few of my favorite finds:

Top Left:  Vintage Black Blouse from Mafalda on Atlantic Avenue, brooklyn;
 Lion Necklace from Leviticus Jewerly online 
Middle: Sporting my bellbottoms by 7 for Mankind; Belt from Clothing Swap
Top Right:  ROAAAARRRR.   From Leviticus.