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Post Valentines Glee

Yes siree, I do have glee! I am gleeful, I am cheerful, and I am busy transferring files and data from my old lappy top to my new lappy top! The magnificent MacBook Air!

Baaaa. what? You say! Excuse you. Yes, my lovely husband surprised me with a MacBook Air for Valentines/Anniversary! Yes, yesterday marked our 16 year anniversary of the day we met, and fell for each head-over-heals, and immediately started dating. It's a very important day... and it just so happened to fall on Valentines day.

The lead up to this story is that I've been going on and on about my old MacBook and how it's loosing it's gumption. It's slow, it pokes, it crashes.. it's tired. It needs to retire. Well, the kids need a computer, so I can strip it and make it enjoyable for them. So I've been on about this new MacBook Air that came out, and apparently he's been listening!

So last night as we were cooking (together), I said, "I'm so excited, I got this amazing freelance gig, and now I can by myself a new MacBook Air!". And he said, very convincingly, "That's great!".

SO there I am, opening this present, I think to be lingerie, but it's too heavy, so as I rip the paper off, I think, what book is this.. and I start to read the side, and it says: MacBook... Air!!!! I just dropped my head down and collapsed with joy.

It's been a long time since this girl was surprised like this. Wow.

So the photos that accompany this rant about my Love of Air, are of our little Valentines Day project. Window decorations!