February 22, 2011

A Whimsical Fantasy for a Fashionable Fall

So let's just pretend I'm sixteen again. Barely anything to do but homework and spend endless hours reading. Yes, I remember those long hot summer days as I lay out by the pool of my mother's friend's home–listlessly browsing through fashion magazines I picked up in D.C. As I'd turn the pages I would pretend that I was a very wealthy woman who was going through the magazine to choose her upcoming fall wardrobe. Ah, the fantasy of it. And the possibility.

Well let's do it again. Only now, some odd long years later, I'm not leafing through magazines, but clicking through blogs and websites, doing the same damn thing.

Here, without further ado, is my wishful wardrobe list, all to be put in a trunk and ready for me to take on a long steamship voyage across the seas to Europe where I'll travel and party with all my friends. Not a care in the world, nor issue nor crisis. And all looking just so marvelous.

prabal gurung - for etherial romantic evening

edun - Running day into night, never looked so delicious

mullberry - crisply strolling through the streets of paris for a cafe before the muesum

 theyskens' theorey - comfortable never looked so sexy–I'm wearing this in and out

alexander wang - the girls want to go dancing!  I know what I'm wearing!

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