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The ED Diet: The Plan

I've done the Elimination Diet, by Dr. Alejandro Junger before. In fact not that long ago.  But I breezed through it, didn't read the book until after, and felt like I just wanted to do it again.  Mainly I love the power it gave me.  The way it made me feel in control of myself.   I stopped mindlessly putting things in my mouth (you know what I mean) and started thinking about how every single bite affected the way I would feel after.   And while I stuck true to the eating guidelines, I didn't follow a lot of the other suggestions to help with the process of removing the toxins from you body.  

You might wonder why I chose to do this to begin with.  Pretty simply put, my body has not always done well with food. And while I love the "taste" of food, I find the fact that I have to eat to live annoying, because so much of the time I have "issues".  Oh, so this is the place where I should say, if your squeemish or don't like to talk about poop, diarrea …

The ED Diet: Daily Do's

The Essentials: Do These DailyDo the following items Daily. They are Essential to the success of your Clean Program.

Plan and prepare your three meals either as needed or in advance so you don’t go hungry.
Two liquid meals; breakfast and dinner, and one solid meal for lunch. Supplements go with each meal and a probiotic is taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Follow the Elimination Diet guidelines for all your meals and snacks during the 21 days.

Leave a 12 hour window between the last liquid meal of the day and the first liquid meal of the next.

Try not to snack on solid food in between, but liquids are fine (herbal tea, lemon juice and water, fresh juices, water, coconut water, nut milks, plain water).

Make sure you have at least one bowel movement each day or whatever amount means you’re not constipated, as it’s different for every person. If you’re having difficulty due to an increase in fiber consumption, use herbal laxatives, magnesium supplements, castor o…

The ED Diet: My Shopping List

Here is the recommended Shopping list. Note, I have eliminated things, I don't like (or am allergic to).

Fruits Apples
Melons Mulberries
RaspberriesNote: Dried fruits are okay in moderation, but please use very sparingly as they are still high in concentrated sugars and even though they’re natural sugars and better than a candy bar, they still spike blood sugar levels, keep us relying on sweeteners to boost us up, and also be constipating for many people. You can reconstitute them by soaking in warm water until they plump back up which will cut down their constipating effects. Avoid dried bananas and raisins entirely, since grapes (and bananas) are not allowed on the program.

Vegetables Artichoke
Bamboo shoots
Beet & beet greens
Bok Choy
CeleryCelery roo…

The ED Diet: Tips and Ideas

Tips for eating from the ELIMINATION DIET:
Remove processed and minimize packaged foods that often contains unhealthy additives and preservatives. If you do eat pre-made foods – check the ingredient list and avoid anything that contains ingredients from the exclude list.Reduce potential allergens. There are several foods in the standard American diet that often create food sensitivities. Some of these include gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, corn, shellfish, certain nuts and nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and eggplants).Reduce acidic and mucus forming foods such as red meat, milk products and wheat.Remove foods that create an inflammatory effect on the body – processed and refined grains, sugars and damaged fats – anything hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated. These are very toxic.Remove caffeine that taxes the adrenal glands Remove foods containing molds (such as peanuts) and any foods that feed yeast such as sugar, alcohol and dairy products. Remove foods that suppress c…

The bats have left the bell tower...

Hello. I've been a little behind on the amount of postings that I've wanted to do.   So much is swirling around in my life at the minute, and it's all good.  But finding time to post sometimes gets pushed to the back.  I'm reluctant to just post nonsense, but if you prefer more posts, I will. Otherwise, you have to wait for something decent.

With all the fanfare about Twilight, and even in the glory days of the anne rice novels, a film that gets over looked often, is The Hunger.   I love this film so much for so many reasons, and the main one is the amazing cast: Catherine Deneuve, David Bowie and Susan Sarandon. 
The three of them are so sexy in The Hunger and David Bowie plays the part of the aging, and pushed aside lover so well.  There are appearances by Anne Magnusum and William Dafoe as well, and of course the opening act, the Bauhaus.  Peter Murphy never looked so delicious.

It is one of the more visual, and stylish vampire movies made.   And to me, it floats …

You can dance right through your life...

Jennifer Beals with Sunny Johnson. Suddenly I've justified my big bag again!

I have this old play list that I've added and deleted from back before I had an iPod.. back when I used to have this clunky MP3 player that I would sync to my computer.  I had it back in '99, and have updated it all the way through upgrades and new devices.   This play list was and is titled 80's new wave. It's not  80's punk music, but my 80's new wave and pop music nostalgia tunes.  Most recently I added Gloria by Laura Branigan, Fame and What a Feeling by Irene Cara. It's the music that I listed to in high-school, right between the transition from classic rock and punk rock. It was my brightly colored shoulder pad phase before my dark and spiky ripped up phase. And oddly right now, I'm enjoying a bit of a revival period of these clothes.

Most recently I raided my mom's closet. I've raided it before, but I look for different things each time. The last tim…

Wouldn't You Love an Autographed Rolling Stones Guitar!?

I'm just dying to share with you something really fun and exciting my sons' school, PS261 of Brooklyn New York is hosting.

We are having an Online and Silent Auction Bash to support and help fund some really important and necessary actives, supplies, programs, etc... at our school.  The budget for public schools has been cut so severely, that basic needs like toilet paper in the kids bathrooms are often left unfilled.  

But I don't want to get into the depressing stuff, I just want to let you know, that you can help us by bidding on some very aweseome items, and in return your money will go directly to the school!  

Come check out the link below, and see some of the fabulous items we have available:vacation homes, clothing and accessories, gift certificates for restaurants, classes, spas, personal trainers, wine, pets, hair and beauty, teachers for a day,  and even a signed ROLLING STONES GUITAR!!!! 

So get on it!!  The bidding starts March 7th so spread the word!!


Dear Mom, You gave me your smile, now let me give it back.

I know it's a ways from Mother's Day, but I just feel like celebrating my mother right now. I was never one to call every week, like my EX used to do religiously every Sunday morning. He'd call long distance to Germany to speak to Mutter, and while I should have thought it endearing (and no I did not even consider the momma's boy thing) somehow hearing german spoken while I was trying to sleep did not sooth me. And don't get me wrong, I used to thing a German accent was sexy. So maybe the call to mom killed the mood.

But as I was saying, when I voiced this once to a friend, that "I don't need to call my mom every week, she knows I love her, we talk maybe 2 times a month, and sometimes less in college" my friend said, well, I talk to my mom every other day. Oops. Ok, so maybe I'm the odd one out. But the reality is, I am my mother's daughter. Two stubborn, and strongly independent woman, who both never felt the need to call up mommy to …