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The bats have left the bell tower...

Hello. I've been a little behind on the amount of postings that I've wanted to do.   So much is swirling around in my life at the minute, and it's all good.  But finding time to post sometimes gets pushed to the back.  I'm reluctant to just post nonsense, but if you prefer more posts, I will. Otherwise, you have to wait for something decent.

With all the fanfare about Twilight, and even in the glory days of the anne rice novels, a film that gets over looked often, is The Hunger.   I love this film so much for so many reasons, and the main one is the amazing cast: Catherine Deneuve, David Bowie and Susan Sarandon. 
The three of them are so sexy in The Hunger and David Bowie plays the part of the aging, and pushed aside lover so well.  There are appearances by Anne Magnusum and William Dafoe as well, and of course the opening act, the Bauhaus.  Peter Murphy never looked so delicious.

It is one of the more visual, and stylish vampire movies made.   And to me, it floats along like a dream.  I just re-rented and am planning to do a screening any day now.  I get the pleasure of showing it to my friend for the first time.  Don't you love first times!
The Opening of Hunger: