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Dear Mom, You gave me your smile, now let me give it back.

I know it's a ways from Mother's Day, but I just feel like celebrating my mother right now. I was never one to call every week, like my EX used to do religiously every Sunday morning. He'd call long distance to Germany to speak to Mutter, and while I should have thought it endearing (and no I did not even consider the momma's boy thing) somehow hearing german spoken while I was trying to sleep did not sooth me. And don't get me wrong, I used to thing a German accent was sexy. So maybe the call to mom killed the mood.

But as I was saying, when I voiced this once to a friend, that "I don't need to call my mom every week, she knows I love her, we talk maybe 2 times a month, and sometimes less in college" my friend said, well, I talk to my mom every other day. Oops. Ok, so maybe I'm the odd one out. But the reality is, I am my mother's daughter. Two stubborn, and strongly independent woman, who both never felt the need to call up mommy to check in regularly. We call when we want. When we have something to tell each other. Her life was as busy as mine. In fact when I went off to college, she went off to Germany (completely unrelated to my EX, and a different part of the country).

Over the years, mom and I have had some changes in our relationship, but I guess that's to be expected. We argued. We cried. We laughed. Over the last few years, I've grown worried for her, and frustrated that she doesn't take the best care of herself. She is always looking out for everyone else, and doesn't think she's worth it! This past week, I took my two boys down to Virginia and we spent the holiday with her. And on this trip, with just a few testy moments, we really hit it off. And I think the main reason was that I let her know in no uncertain terms, that she was and is just as important as everyone else in her life; her daughter, her son and her grandkids. That she is worth it!

She joked that she might have only a few years left in her, but that's really absurd. If you look at the history of the Bonnett clan, you'll see these people live well into their 90's. My grandma didn't, but that's because she worked in a Enamel factory as a girl, and smoked Pall Mall non-filtered cigarettes since she was– like 15.

Now if mom will just quit smoking, and get walking, I think she just might start smiling soon! It's about time.

The above are some of my favorite Mom photos. Listed from top, by row:

  • Mom the cheerleader (far left)
  • Gorgeous in her one shouldered dress circa early 60's.
  • As a blonde. Now you know where I get my penchant for changing my hair color.
  • A trip on a train, late 60's early 70's.
  • That's me up front, but in this photo, when I look at mom, it's like looking in a mirror.
  • I just love this goofy smile on her face, holding my brother.
  • This is a photo when I'm about 7 or 8, and we are camping.  I look like my son, and she looks like me here!  
  • I think this last one is from her honeymoon.  Gorgeous, happy, and before the disillusioned marriage.