March 10, 2011

Liebling, Will you light my Zigarette?

There is a very "Berlin 1930's" moment going 
on at some of the fashion shows this year.

Louis Vuitton - Fall Winter 2011/2012 Fashion Show‬
March Jacobs, has created the most spectacular, creative and theatrical show I've ever seen. With Models riding up in one of 4 elevators, and walking around what looks like the lobby of a Hotel, they ebony Charlotte Rampling of Night Porter and look prepared for a Helmut Newton shoot. And with a spectacular ending, the retired runway walker Kate Mosses closes the show in sexy boy shorts with a jacket accented with Mongolian fur sleeves. I love the dark hunter greens, browns purples and black… with that delicious blood red accent.

photos borrowed from IMAXtree.com and Matteo Volta


John Galliano - Fall Winter 2011/2012  Fashion Show
I think the clothing in the John Galliano show is just amazing. It is with sadness that I look upon this recent show and not have my head unfiltered with thoughts of his recent behavior.  But the show should not be overlooked, even though it seemed like it wasn't complete. 

There are pieces in it, that reminded me of the same 30's Berlin lady, I see in the Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton show.  And that leads to more unfiltered thoughts… thankfully which stay in my head.

No matter though. One of my favorite individual pieces is that fluid blouse that seems to tie around the waist leaving the back exposed.

But to quote from a comment left off of the video stream:
I think we can all agree that what Galliano said was wrong, but at the same time it's a reminder that hateful words and racism continues in society today- even in the fantasized world of fashion. At the same time, Galliano acknowledged his mistake and apologized- Gaultier and von Furstenberg, his peers even stated Galliano may have been wrongfully provoked. Whatever anyone may believe, you CANNOT ignore over a decade of his work and pushing the identity of fashion into the 21st century.

I hope that this is not the last we see of his work.

photos borrowed from Style.com

Oh Darlings,  on a final note, have you seen the Menswears Fall Winter 2011-2012?
It is CRAZY!!! Really, really mad Doctor Zhivago! I would love to have seen this.  I mean, this is a show!

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