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The ED Diet: The Plan

I've done the Elimination Diet, by Dr. Alejandro Junger before. In fact not that long ago.  But I breezed through it, didn't read the book until after, and felt like I just wanted to do it again.  Mainly I love the power it gave me.  The way it made me feel in control of myself.   I stopped mindlessly putting things in my mouth (you know what I mean) and started thinking about how every single bite affected the way I would feel after.   And while I stuck true to the eating guidelines, I didn't follow a lot of the other suggestions to help with the process of removing the toxins from you body.  

You might wonder why I chose to do this to begin with.  Pretty simply put, my body has not always done well with food. And while I love the "taste" of food, I find the fact that I have to eat to live annoying, because so much of the time I have "issues".  Oh, so this is the place where I should say, if your squeemish or don't like to talk about poop, diarrea and vomit, then you probably should not be reading this.   This journal of my life with food and drink, is not going to be edited for the PG crowd.

So as I was saying, my "issues" with food (allergies, intolerance & choice: diary intolerance, tree/nut allergy, soy allergy, vegetarian who eats fish) makes it hard to find good healthy choices at times.   Even with all those eliminations, I sometimes find my stomach to be weak and pathetic.

Another reason I'm doing it again is to make it more of a life-style change.  The first time over I did feel immense differences. And I do eat less bread now.  But I'd like to make sure I really focus on all the aspects of continued heath.   So another new introduction to this time around is my relationship to my Wellness Coach.   We  met through friends, and slowly started a friendship.  And when I was doing my cleanse the first time around, she slyly mentioned she was a nutritionist.   Well that's fantastic.  But it wasn't till after wards, and we kept talking about nutrition and she kept giving me helpful advice, that i thought.. Hey, why don't you be my Wellness Coach while I go through this again, and further more, help me as I transition off of it, so that I can continue on and carry on.   She will help me with better choices, and help me learn more of what I'm just getting a taste of now.

So here I am.  Ready to embark again on this great adventure.  This time, doing it right.  And most importantly journaling my process.  That was highly recommended, but I didn't do it. But what better way for a blogger to handle this task.. but by journaling it in a blog!

So I hope you find this interesting.   Stop in read and learn. And by all means, join me in my quest for a healthier way of living.

Here's the Plan...

The Clean Program: Renew
Shake, Meal, Shake, Light Meal.