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Wouldn't You Love an Autographed Rolling Stones Guitar!?

I'm just dying to share with you something really fun and exciting my sons' school, PS261 of Brooklyn New York is hosting.

We are having an Online and Silent Auction Bash to support and help fund some really important and necessary actives, supplies, programs, etc... at our school.  The budget for public schools has been cut so severely, that basic needs like toilet paper in the kids bathrooms are often left unfilled.  

But I don't want to get into the depressing stuff, I just want to let you know, that you can help us by bidding on some very aweseome items, and in return your money will go directly to the school!  

Come check out the link below, and see some of the fabulous items we have available: vacation homes, clothing and accessories, gift certificates for restaurants, classes, spas, personal trainers, wine, pets, hair and beauty, teachers for a day,  and even a signed ROLLING STONES GUITAR!!!! 

So get on it!!  The bidding starts March 7th so spread the word!!

Happy Bidding!!!!