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You can dance right through your life...

Jennifer Beals with Sunny Johnson. Suddenly I've justified my big bag again!

I have this old play list that I've added and deleted from back before I had an iPod.. back when I used to have this clunky MP3 player that I would sync to my computer.  I had it back in '99, and have updated it all the way through upgrades and new devices.   This play list was and is titled 80's new wave. It's not  80's punk music, but my 80's new wave and pop music nostalgia tunes.  Most recently I added Gloria by Laura Branigan, Fame and What a Feeling by Irene Cara. It's the music that I listed to in high-school, right between the transition from classic rock and punk rock. It was my brightly colored shoulder pad phase before my dark and spiky ripped up phase. And oddly right now, I'm enjoying a bit of a revival period of these clothes.

Most recently I raided my mom's closet. I've raided it before, but I look for different things each time. The last time I wouldn't have dared touch her silk shirts with shoulder pads. But now, they are oddly cool and funky. Even the odd sparkly mock turtlenecks.  Enough to make someone vomit and another person croon with envy.

As I listen to the Flashdance soundtrack, it brings back all those memories, so I had to look up the movie again. I really did the ripped sweat shirt and the leggings. But honestly, I did the leggings before the movie. All dancers did. I took 4 years of ballet, tap and jazz, so I was definitely sporting that look. Anyhow, who doesn't just love looking at Jennifer Beals!

This ripped T-shirt was going strong before the movie. It's important to remember, 
most of the time, movies/media copy street looks. Then movies/media reach out to 
a broader audience, so kids in... oh, Oklahoma start dressing urban as well.

The movie poster.  I remember seeing this film in the theater with my boyfriend. 
Not too long after I bought a pair of red pumps.

This is just a great example of her style from tom boy to dancer.  
Baggy clothes, to tightly fitted tights.

When I was in Junior High (long before the movie came about) I swiped several army jackets 
from my Uncle. And then again in High School, I frequented the Army Navy store.   
I have this horrendous picture of me in a wool army jacket, high waisted pants, and wearing 
my green glitter leggings.  Truly inspirational!

This was such a fun moment in the film.  She really seemed provocative and unpredictable.
This is wear all those "under the table footsie fantasies originate".