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Her Royal Highness, The Dress

A Word on Kate's dress.

Every girl is particular about their wedding dress, and each person should choose what they want, and not worry about what the world thinks.   But unfortunately, when you televise your wedding, your dress is up for grabs.

While personally it would not be a dress I would wear, I think it was in perfect taste for her, and suited her well.   It's okay.    It's not too over the top traditional, it's simple, but almost plain.  Even though it is a "McQueen" gown, it's quite boring for "McQueen".   I'll admit  that by choosing a "McQueen" gown, even if it is more conservative that his traditional style, it says something about her taste, her (or their) individuality, and symbolizes that this is a new generation.

My taste runs to the simple, with gowns as well. But I don't like a lot of fuss.  And lace always seems a bit fussy.   I like lace with studs and black opaque tights for the irony of it.. unless it'…

A Toast to the New Royal Couple

This morning I was just too tired to get up at 4 and head over to my friend Victoria's house to watch and celebrate the Royal wedding.  It seems nothing is as important as a good rest.  However, I did bolt up at 7:00 am and watch the footage already airing on Cnn.   Amazing how times have changed.   I still remember watching Princess Diana and Prince Charles's wedding as a child.   Sitting by my moms feet watching it.   But there was no instant coverage on the internet...   what's an internet?
I'm not going to go into a lot, because... well other sites will do it better. But I will say the one thing that struck me about it was, when Princess Kate joined Prince William (with Prince Harry and her father by their side). The two of them seemed... normal. They giggled, and whispered, and well, acted like I did when I stood next to my husband before the 80 something people there.   Of course they had a lot more than 80 at their wedding, but really, after 80, it's really t…

Stepping away for a little bit...

Hello lovelies,
I'm sorry I haven't been posting of late.  Where have you heard that before?  When I get busy with work, the blog slips. That's just the way it is.  Priorities.  But you knew this wasn't my living, and it's not one of those fabulous blogs you go to to get up to date information on the fashion world, or other... This is for the most part a small portfolio of my life... a virtual scrapbook.  A place where I share ideas, thoughts, and things I like, or don't.  

I've started my new class INTRO TO FASHION with some of the most amazing little girls.   We have been trying to come up with a name for them, for their class blog.   There are about 13 girls in the class.

Here, the Furious Five

Maybe you can help us decide on a name.  Here's a few we came up with.  Why not let me know which only you like best, by commenting below. Or send me your suggestions!

The Fierce Fashionistas

the Fiercely Fabulous

Fierce Style warriors
The Lovelies
The Fashion Spri…

Mafalda & Refinery29 share an evening of cocktails and treasures

Sadly I missed this lovely event last week because of my lingering horrific stomach illness, but am so happy the lovely Victoria Sullivan and delightful Florence were able to entertain the happy shoppers with their cool Brooklyn style.

Miss Flo & Lady Sullivan

Christina of Mafalda

Intro to Fashion with Lady Warfield

I know you've been wondering lately, where is Lady Warfield at? She hasn't been posting, she hasn't been leaving comments on my site, and she hasn't been tweeting or facing (is that's what it's called?)

Well, I've been busy ladies and lads. I've been working on a syllabus and compiling material for a class I'm starting tomorrow: Intro to Fashion, for 4th and 5th graders at our own local elementary school, PS261. It's not a regular course, and not a part of the curriculum, it's part of the after-school program. The kids really are lucky they have such a great program in place, and that they have me, lady Diva who decided she must enlighten these lovely little creatures on the fun and exciting world of Fashion.

Oh I know the girls want design or something or other. They want what they want. But this is INTRO not DESIGN. We are gonna cover it all! I'd be happy to share my class syllabus. I've had to deconstruct it several times t…