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Her Royal Highness, The Dress

A Word on Kate's dress.

Every girl is particular about their wedding dress, and each person should choose what they want, and not worry about what the world thinks.   But unfortunately, when you televise your wedding, your dress is up for grabs.

While personally it would not be a dress I would wear, I think it was in perfect taste for her, and suited her well.   It's okay.    It's not too over the top traditional, it's simple, but almost plain.  Even though it is a "McQueen" gown, it's quite boring for "McQueen".   I'll admit  that by choosing a "McQueen" gown, even if it is more conservative that his traditional style, it says something about her taste, her (or their) individuality, and symbolizes that this is a new generation.

My taste runs to the simple, with gowns as well. But I don't like a lot of fuss.  And lace always seems a bit fussy.   I like lace with studs and black opaque tights for the irony of it.. unless it's really antique lace... and off white.  Somehow, and maybe it's just me, but the dress seems to age her a bit.  She looks so much older than she normally does. 

Even so, she was elegant and looked impeccable. 

I used to love a high neck lace traditional Victorian wedding gown. However, my Wedding dress was nothing like I originally wanted as a child.   Somehow as time passes, and you become more a tune to your own style, your dreams change along with them.   I liked the Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly look of sleek, satin, and elegance.   But my challenge was covering up my tattoos for the ceremony.  I ended up getting this lovely dress from "Priscella of Boston", and then had them custom make a cape for it, that I could remove after the ceremony.

My mother asked me why would I care what a bunch of people thought about my tattoos.  There were a lot of relatives of my husband, that I had never met before, coming to the wedding.  I told her, that I didn't mind that they see them, but first impressions are important. For the that southern Warfield and Ruffin crowd, I knew that how you present yourself is what sticks in your head.   I didn't want them to see me in my tattoos and judge me or label me before they met me.  This way, I could walk down the aisle, mingle and get introduced to everyone during the cocktail time, and have dinner, listen and give toast all before I was ready to shed the cape for a night of dancing and fun.

I'm happy to say, it worked.  I won the hearts of the classy dames of Southern Virginia.

Revealing my permanent bouquet with my maid of honor, Jamie Leigh Devilla

All festivities:  June 14th, 1997 - The Knickerbocker Club, Manhattan NY

my bouquet, lilacs.   My dress had a train that was removable.

My Manhattan Girlfriends: Timory, Silvia, Amy, Amy, Dale & Lynn

The Boys Club: Charlie, Brendon, Mark, Brooks, & Chris

Cape Removed.   Dancing with Mom.  That's Moe (my bridesmaid) dancing in the background

My inspiration: Mom.

Images from here and here