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Intro to Fashion with Lady Warfield

I know you've been wondering lately, where is Lady Warfield at? She hasn't been posting, she hasn't been leaving comments on my site, and she hasn't been tweeting or facing (is that's what it's called?)

Well, I've been busy ladies and lads. I've been working on a syllabus and compiling material for a class I'm starting tomorrow: Intro to Fashion, for 4th and 5th graders at our own local elementary school, PS261. It's not a regular course, and not a part of the curriculum, it's part of the after-school program. The kids really are lucky they have such a great program in place, and that they have me, lady Diva who decided she must enlighten these lovely little creatures on the fun and exciting world of Fashion.

Oh I know the girls want design or something or other. They want what they want. But this is INTRO not DESIGN. We are gonna cover it all! I'd be happy to share my class syllabus. I've had to deconstruct it several times to bring down from Teen status to Tween status.

Here's the flyer I posted to lure the little ones in...

And here is the famous Syllabus (remember this is for Tweens, not you):

Are you a serious Fashionista?  Well this is your chance to learn and explore the world of fashion. Through class discussion, slideshows and hands-on experimenting, you'll design, illustrate, photograph and more!   Plus we'll create our own fashion blog and even our own runway show!

During class, and by the end of the term we will create a class blog, a group fashion design scrapbook, and create a slide show of our work created from the blog.


Lesson I:  Introduction -History of Fashion
We will explore the history of fashion from the 1800’s to the present. Through a slide presentation we will discuss the various ways history influences fashion.
Hot Topic: What is fashion to you?  What does it mean to you.  Do designs today, look like designs from the past?  What is the difference between style and fashion?
-in class discussion & slideshow.
-in class work: Fashion Notebooks (or folders) will be given out to each student to decorate in class (continue at home). We’ll take photos, and start thinking about our design for our blog project for next week.

Lesson II:  Fashion Bloggers:  Exploring young bloggers, and their take on fashion.
Young fashion bloggers are taking over.  These are girls and boys who can write, photograph, Do DYI, and have a great sense of style.
- in class discussion & slideshow  
-in class work:  We will set up a blog together in class, that I will administrate and get input from my new fashionistas, on the name and the design. It will be a closed blog, that only our classmates (and their parents) can access.  I will post the class syllabus, and reminders of upcoming projects.

Lesson III:   Designing with Colors and Patterns
How do you combine colors and patterns in your wardrobe? What influences you when you wake up and get dressed?   How are designers using color in their lines...  are they influenced by season? Regions? Mood? Politics?
-in class discussion & slideshow ( comparison slide show)
-in class work; Let’s combine samples of colors and patterns and experiment with mixing styles and projecting mood, feeling, & attitude. I will hand out silhouettes so we can create our own designs. Everything gets added to the blog!

Lesson VI: Careers in Fashion: Illustration
This week I’ll show you the different styles and techniques of Fashion Illustration.  
-in class slide show & Demonstration.
-in class work: Let’s illustrate! Go off to create your own drawings and style!

Lesson V:   Fashion DIY
We will talk DIY(do it yourself)!  What have you fixed up and made new?   I will show samples of some of my favorite DYI ideas.
-in class discussion & slideshow
-in class work:  Students will bring something in to class; old sneakers, flip flops, soft boots, felt hats ...   we'll paint, glitter, stud them!

Lesson VI: The Catwalk: Emerging designers at the Runways
It’s popcorn and movie time! We will watch a fashion show, documentary or film on the runways. It will showcase what goes on behind the curtains, and the hard work involved.

Lesson VII: Extreme Fashion Make-up Looks
Have you ever wanted to do your face up like one of those crazy/amazing looks you see in the holiday issues of Fashion Magazines, and on America's Next Top Model?  Now is your chance.   Lady Warfield will give you a make-over right out of the fashion magazines, and get you ready for your runway walk.
(possible impromptu runway and photo session to post to the blog)

Lesson VIII: Fashion Designer Profile
Here we take a look at new and emerging designers. We will create mini-reports on our favorite designers! From our weeks talking fashion and design, you get to choose your favorite designer to profile.  Maybe we can have a visit from a working Fashion Designer???
- in class discussion & slideshow
- in class work:  Each child will pick a designer from a list of designers, magazines, etc., and create a mini-report.  We'll create collages, of their clothing, and write a mini summary of why we chose the designer.  Once we finish, we can add it to our blog!  The originals will be bound together for our Class Group Fashion Designer Book (which is a combination of the blog printed & extra work done in class!

Lesson VIIII: Fashion as a Living
In this class we will talk about all the career possibilities there are in the world of fashion: designers, buyers, reporters, bloggers, photographers, illustrators, models, seamstress.  We will talk about the many ways we see fashion.  Through the media, magazines, TV, music, blogs.  How are you influenced?  Do you want to work in the fashion industry?
-in class discussion & slideshow
-in class work: We will create art for the blog! For those that didn't finish their Designer profile, we'll finish those too.

Lesson X: Careers in Fashion: Stylist & Model
This week we'll get one if not two visitors to talk about their careers in fashion.  Each visitor will talk about why, and how they got started.  
-in class discussion with visitor & Slide show of their work.
-in class work: This is our second to last Fashion class, so we'll make sure our blog is all set, and our projects all finished!  Let's have a final class party!!

** Each child will go home with a print out of the blog, and their class fashion journal!