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Stepping away for a little bit...

Hello lovelies,
I'm sorry I haven't been posting of late.  Where have you heard that before?  When I get busy with work, the blog slips. That's just the way it is.  Priorities.  But you knew this wasn't my living, and it's not one of those fabulous blogs you go to to get up to date information on the fashion world, or other... This is for the most part a small portfolio of my life... a virtual scrapbook.  A place where I share ideas, thoughts, and things I like, or don't.  

I've started my new class INTRO TO FASHION with some of the most amazing little girls.   We have been trying to come up with a name for them, for their class blog.   There are about 13 girls in the class.

Here, the Furious Five

Maybe you can help us decide on a name.  Here's a few we came up with.  Why not let me know which only you like best, by commenting below. Or send me your suggestions!

The Fierce Fashionistas

the Fiercely Fabulous

Fierce Style warriors

The Lovelies

The Fashion Sprites

Fabulous Fashion Sprites

Stylish Sprites

Stylish Fashion Warriors



The Rock n' Roll Belle's

Fab Fashion Maidens

The Belle's of Fashion

Fashion Belle's

Fashionista Belle's

... Droooling Fashion warriors

I'm off for Costa Rica on Friday for 10 days, so don't despair. You have some time to ponder this very important task!

Pura Vida!