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A Toast to the New Royal Couple

This morning I was just too tired to get up at 4 and head over to my friend Victoria's house to watch and celebrate the Royal wedding.  It seems nothing is as important as a good rest.  However, I did bolt up at 7:00 am and watch the footage already airing on Cnn.   Amazing how times have changed.   I still remember watching Princess Diana and Prince Charles's wedding as a child.   Sitting by my moms feet watching it.   But there was no instant coverage on the internet...   what's an internet?

I'm not going to go into a lot, because... well other sites will do it better. But I will say the one thing that struck me about it was, when Princess Kate joined Prince William (with Prince Harry and her father by their side). The two of them seemed... normal. They giggled, and whispered, and well, acted like I did when I stood next to my husband before the 80 something people there.   Of course they had a lot more than 80 at their wedding, but really, after 80, it's really the same thing.   You shaking in your knees. But their warmth and giggles let me know, that these two seemed kind of ordinary in their unordinary lives.   

I remember watching Princess Diana, and Prince Charles. And that seemed like a fairy tale.  It didn't seem normal. Her shyness let on that there was so much mystery there, and not just for us.   There were now conspirtial giggles or smiles between them.  It was a very paternal type of affection Charles showed Diana.   And her's was a shy, head bowed, submission into a world that was way beyond her.  

Kate has been prepared for the hoopla.  They have been dating, and have been in the spotlight together for some time now.  

A marriage normally finds all sorts of common pressures; financial, children, growing, changing, and age... let's hope the enormous pressure of a billion people, a monarchy, and fame doesn't spoil what they have found in each other.

So here I sit, finally awake, with my coffee, having a toast for the young couple.