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The Ladies Best Friend

This is the Magnificent Rikke and her lovely Great Danes: Olive and Rufus. Rikke has had a lot of amazing Danes of the years. I first met Cleavon, who was big and adorable. She later adopted Belle, who took over, literally. She was tall and had a lot of spacial issues– her tail seemed to get in the way a lot. But were adorable, and I loved the way they would sit on my lap. I soon realized it's a Dane trait. Both of them, passed away, within the same year. It was very very sad. But Rikke, an amazing dog trainer, and Dane rescue volunteer, who helps find homes for abused and unwanted danes, gradually took in another, whom she fell in love with. First Olive, and now Rufus. Olive, reminds me of Belle, as she's thin and.. a female. But she is very different than Belle. Mellow. Rufus, is the sweetest dog, who had been had been through a bit of trauma, as his former owners had one of those nasty electric fences, and used to change the property line, so he was not able to learn the boundaries, and instead get shocked, unfairly. Rikke could tell this story better than I. But the good news is, they decided to give him up, so that he could go to a better home, like Rikkes. She is supposed to be his foster parent, but we'll see if she can give him up. Maybe if she finds a really good home. If not, I have a feeling Rufus has found his already.