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The Sullivans graces the cover of Livingetc

I have been meaning to post about this amazing photo shoot with my friend Victoria Sullivan for some time. But, alas, my recent involvement in teaching and numerous other projects has kept me from blogging.   Erg but I wish I could split myself in two at times!

This if from the April edition of Livingetc, a British interior magazine.  It's so exciting because I know the all about the love and sweat that went into the renovation of their house.  And the most exciting and inspiring part was after the contractors went home– they merely did the plumbing, the wiring, the structural stuff and window installation.  The inspiring bit comes with the two talented carpenters, artists and interior designers– the owners themselves: Nick and Victoria Sullivan.   Nick built shelves and installed molding.  He put in the hard wood floor, and with the help of a friend build new stairs!  He even build the deck out back!  And Victoria, a DIY lady of the utmost quality, painted and restored found objects, and painted the walls and molding of the house, top to bottom ALL BY HERSELF!!  And after all those details, comes the personality.   The bits and pieces of their history and life shine through each nook and corner.  It adds life and polish,  to an amazing warm and lovely dwelling.

If not because of my glorious company,   I do hope that the heart and love that went into their home will keep them from every going back to England!