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The Making of a Tart

Last Thursday I signed up for a baking class at One Girl Cookies, on Dean Street in Brooklyn.   What lead me to sign up for backing class?  I was sitting in One Girl, one afternoon working on my writing and having my usual Americano, when I noticed this amazing lemon meringue tart.   It called to me in the way that tarts do.   So I had to have a slice.  It was perfect.   The lemon is a curd, and the meringue tasted wonderful.   I mentioned how delicious it was, and how I would love to learn how to do those lovely peaks for my own tarts.  So the barista, told me they were doing a lemon tart class, in 3 months.  So I signed up.  And so last week, I attended.

Baking the crust.  This method is called blind baking, and we used beans for weights! You can prepare the dough the day before (or week before), and bake the crust at least a few hours before you make your curd, otherwise the curd will react to the warmth of the crust.

We made one or two batches of curd in class, the rest was made ahead of time, and ready to go.  The curd is made in a saucepan, refrigerated over night then added to the pie crust. You don't bake it all in the oven again.
Ah, the Merinque...   Our pastry chef, held the bowel over a pot of hot water, and whisked.   You can do the same thing in a double boiler, but it takes a lot longer.  She was very good at her little gnome hats!

A little video demo of torching the meringue.

Well, mine was delicious!  Truth be told, the night it was made I didn't enjoy it so much. The curd was too soft, as I think my pie shell was too warm.  But I refrigerated it over night, and the next day it was perfect.