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The Ladies of Brooklyn: Bikini Boot Camp

Yes ladies, We've been working hard... to get our arses in shape, and our arms and legs toned!  And the results are in...  WE LOOK HOT!

Well, it is very hot and sweaty work.

Intro to Fashion: The Trailor

I really wanted to share this with you. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed teaching this class this past spring, and I'm looking forward to doing it again this fall. I've been told it would be a make a great private after-school program. As in, not limited to just our school, where I'm limited to materials, classroom space and equipment. But I really need a business partner for that venture, and some serious planning. But who knows...

I also wanted to share the blog our class created. I originally had it locked, but on reflection, there is nothing in it, or information in it to compromise these children. Having it locked has also prevented problems sharing it with family and friends from the parents and girls.

So enjoy: littleladyfashionclub

June 14th, 14 Years Ago...

As our Anniversary just passed by, I can't help but remember those lovely hours spent on June 14th, 1997 getting ready for my special day. The day almost all little girls dream of.  And how like all days of that magnitude, it just goes by so fast, that the only way to remember certain moments is to peruse the old photo album.

Hard to believe we've been married 14 years– together a total of 16.   But honestly, it feels just perfect. It's so nice to know some decisions we make are the right ones.

Here, a moment in time:

Chocolate Heaven Birthday Cake

Better known as a Chocolate Mint Ganache Cake.

I did this cake last year for my husband's birthday, but he requested it again, so I tried it out in this enormous kitchen.  It's lovely having all the necessary appliances for a change. Last year, I was mixing by hand.

Well, I'm told this one was better than last years! 
(to see recipe, see last year's post)

America's Next Top Model: The Next Generation

These six little ladies decided they wanted to have their very own fashion shoot on our last day of class.  The rest of the class had already run out to the playground, so I told them we could.  It would be a lot easier to photograph just a few, instead of fourteen. I grabbed my camera as they ran off down the hallway to the stairwell, and when I opened the door to follow them, they had spread out, taking their postions and began posing.        This is the first photo in the series, and it's the best. The very first one!  Eat your heart out America's Next Top Model. These girls didn't need any coaching from me.  The looks in their eyes are all unique to themselves and seem to hold something behind those innocent eyes.  They aren't vacant looks, but knowing, questioning, daring, and yes, sexy.   Each girl has her own look, her own style, and her own special charm. 

I only wish I could have had some of the other girls jump in too. But after this experience I know exactly w…

I'm in Las Vegas, "BEEEEEEP"!

Nivea For Men And Esquire "Look Like You Give a Damn" Weekend!!!  

Well, that song really does apply to this crazy town of  Vegas.   It's been years since I've been here, but let me tell you, it's kept true to its history and changed again.  Now it's like a reality TV show!  How strange that reality is no longer day to day, but applied to a TV show!  It's over-the-fricken'-top!  It's lude, gross, bloated, and well, fun!

I piggy-backed on my husbands trip to Las Vegas where his client was promoting a new campaign for Nivea for Men: Look Like You Give a Damn!  Vegas being the perfect place to showcase this brand.  Why not?   People are game to have fun there, dance, and drink.  Mark, my husband is the Creative Director for DRAFT FCB, not Esquire, contrary to what the photo blogs say.   He's responsible for the idea, the copy, the look.   Nivea is the product.  Esquire was involved in the promotion. A tie-in.   Did I just brag?  Sure... I definit…

FASHIONWEEKLY: A new zine for the LLFC!

Just couldn't help but share the Fashion Weekly mini-zine I created for the girls of the Little Lady Fashion Club in my Intro to Fashion class. They are a spectacular group of girls, and we have been having so much fun together I decided to create a mini-zine for them and their parents to enjoy. Here's a taste of it:

Here's the full zine if your interested: