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America's Next Top Model: The Next Generation

   These six little ladies decided they wanted to have their very own fashion shoot on our last day of class.  The rest of the class had already run out to the playground, so I told them we could.  It would be a lot easier to photograph just a few, instead of fourteen. I grabbed my camera as they ran off down the hallway to the stairwell, and when I opened the door to follow them, they had spread out, taking their postions and began posing.  
     This is the first photo in the series, and it's the best. The very first one!  Eat your heart out America's Next Top Model. These girls didn't need any coaching from me.  The looks in their eyes are all unique to themselves and seem to hold something behind those innocent eyes.  They aren't vacant looks, but knowing, questioning, daring, and yes, sexy.   Each girl has her own look, her own style, and her own special charm. 

I only wish I could have had some of the other girls jump in too. But after this experience I know exactly what I'll be doing next Fall when Intro to Fashion continues.