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I'm in Las Vegas, "BEEEEEEP"!

Nivea For Men And Esquire "Look Like You Give a Damn" Weekend!!!  

Lady Warfield with husband, Mark Warfield, Creative Director, Draft FCB

Well, that song really does apply to this crazy town of  Vegas.   It's been years since I've been here, but let me tell you, it's kept true to its history and changed again.  Now it's like a reality TV show!  How strange that reality is no longer day to day, but applied to a TV show!  It's over-the-fricken'-top!  It's lude, gross, bloated, and well, fun!

I piggy-backed on my husbands trip to Las Vegas where his client was promoting a new campaign for Nivea for Men: Look Like You Give a Damn!  Vegas being the perfect place to showcase this brand.  Why not?   People are game to have fun there, dance, and drink.  Mark, my husband is the Creative Director for DRAFT FCB, not Esquire, contrary to what the photo blogs say.   He's responsible for the idea, the copy, the look.   Nivea is the product.  Esquire was involved in the promotion. A tie-in.   Did I just brag?  Sure... I definitely did.

The whole thing was at the the Aria hotel, which is an amazing luxurious hotel.  The Event started  Friday night at Gold, then Saturday at the Poolside Lounge at Liquid and Saturday night with MARK RONSON  at Haze!

We had a great time, stayed up late, danced and watched the show! Mark Ronson was amazing and it was worth it to wait for him to come on, at 2:00am. Thankfully I didn't drink Saturday night (yes I did Friday), and was able to make it to the plane early Sunday to come home.  

FRIDAY: Aria Poolside

Relaxing at the pool, Friday


SATURDAY: Liquid Pool Party

The Liquid Lounge... the fun begins (photo: my own)

photo: my own

Nivea Girls... so much blue! (photos from Zimbio)

Liquid Lounging Ladies, Nivea Girls, and Nivea promotions (click pic to enlarge)

  (photos from Zimbio)

(photos from Zimbio)

SATURDAY NIGHT: Party with DJ Mark Ronson

Later that night, pre-show at the Chandelier Lounge.

it's getting hot in here...

a little show before the big show