July 28, 2011

Am I the last person to know about this site? The british version of net-a-porter? Well Young British Designers is brilliant. It's just too bad anything I want has to come from England, with that added price.

Well, that never stopped me before.

Some of my favorite pics:

July 26, 2011

Birds of a feather...

Feather Earrings seem to be the rage right now... or at least I started noting it in February, and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere.  For the moment.  It didn't hurt to have Gwyneth Paltrol in her hot pink feather earrings at the Grammy's this year, or Drew Barrymore in her lovely pair along with her lovely red hair.   But everywhere I go, or look, I see them.  One of the magazines that have been accumulating on my dusty floor had a spread with sexy sirens and feather earrings.   I remember even thinking… hmmm.   Talk about trying to sell a look.  I was hooked.  Yet, I refrained.

celebs in feathers

Then I saw a beautiful pair at the Surf Lodge in Montauk and really was almost tempted–but $250 dollars!!   I stopped right there.   I think not. 

I know how to make jewelry, and I know where to find gorgeous feathers.   I'm not opposed to a good set of feather earrings, but I think it's got to be cheaper, or a DIY project with Lady Sullivan.   Let's face it, they won't be around next season.

But there are options. And the temptation lingers...

XVelvetX, from Santa Cruz, CA delivers some "badass" handmade jewelry at reasonable and friend rates:

Some surprisingly decent prices from Adia Kibur, on some amazingly designed jewelry.   But it's her bracelet that fancy:


And then the not so cheap, but exquiste, Jeeyun Ha (see photo at the very top).  Hey, sometimes quality costs more.. and the rest of can just drool.

and then...

Alkemie.  I do love these.  Very sleek.   But again, pricier of off shopbop.com.  But Alkemie, had a pair of gold feather earrings that I am definitely coveting.  A little more... lasting than real feathers.


and let us not leave out Vanessa Mooney.  Ahhhh.  Loving these... The wild Warrior Single Earring:


Now for a Blast from the Past. You know you want to see. 

Here I am, in my freak period, circa 1981, smack right between my prep and new wave thang... before my punk girl set in, and turned natty.  And then became late 80's rocker chick.

Hey you can NOT put a label on me!
Do NOT try!!

July 21, 2011

Living in Exile

For the past few years, I've found my self living away from home one month out of the year.  I pack up the car with all the things I would want or hope to use and do for a month at the beach.   We (because I am not alone in this venture all-together) take my two sons to the far end of Long Island–To a place called Amagansett–were we enroll them in camp for a few weeks, and where I spend time working on the various projects I've been dreaming of all year.  Some are just the usual home related projects; like fixing up the house and tending the dunes and flowers that have died off or over-grown.  Other projects include finishing that book–or just working at it; pulling out the old drawing pad or canvas to sketch on; collage and decoupage the closet door with surf mag images;  finally read all those magazines I have collected but never seem to have any time to look through.  Among other things.

My husband has to stay in the city and work during the week, while we get this amazing opportunity to live by the sea.   But we get him every weekend, and are sad when he has to go back every Sunday night.   It seems a charmed life, but it's lonely too.  I enjoy company and crave my friends.  Luckily every year a few will come visit and stay for a while.  In fact this year, the first half of the month the tiny house was filled with laughter and cooking. Friends and family have made their way here, to the very furthest part of the Island. 

But now the weeks are quiet. And while I relish in the sound of the sea and whir of the fan, I miss the conversations and company.   It takes a few days but I slowly get used to it and start to use the time more wisely; thinking every night before I go to bed about what I'll do the next day.   I will drive the kids to camp, play doubles with the old ladies from down the street, write for 2 hours, finish the closet, and then clean the sand out from under the couch, the bed, the rug.... But the day goes by too fast, and I'm off picking up the kids again.

The lovely thing here is that the kids can then go off on their own, riding their bikes around the neighborhood, in relative safety.  The new found independence does wonders for them.  But it scares me just how fast they are growing.   And some days I want to cry because I'm afraid I'm not absorbing it completely. That I'm just taking it all for granted.

I think that's why I have exiled myself.  I need this time to myself, and to spend with my kids. Because time will take them away from me, too soon.  When it happens, I want to be able to say to myself, I did well, and I was present.

July 20, 2011

I admit it: I'm a Bag Whore!

Or HOARDER!!! I think Victoria would say I'm a hoarder. yes, I have tons, and I hoard them. I hang them, treasure them, and hoard them. HOARDE HOARD HOARD.


You do remember this POST: Pursing Around. Proof in and of itself.

I'm not partial to anything in particular. Inspired by mood. New or Vintage. Leather, fabric, shells (only one)  Designer name not important.. just how it feels at the time.

I acquired a new favorite everyday "city" bag few months ago, by Rebecca Minkoff, at discount off of the fabulous Gilt Groupe. Great discounts there.

But as summer rolled in, I found leather straps and purse to be sticky. So I kept my eyes peeled for something canvas, cotton, or otherwise. And as you saw, I finally found a fabulous, perfect for me purse by KOZA designed by my friend Sinje. So, my search should be done. End of summer purse search, right?


It doesn't work that way. Just when you find one thing, you find another. And I just HAD TO COVET IT. Oh, I'm still wearing my Nico Purse by Koza most days, because it goes with everything I'm wearing! But every now and then, when my patterns aren't too crazy, this is a cute lovely purse I got by Reberta Freymann.

You can NEVER have enough purses!!!

July 19, 2011

A Scent to Remember

A few months back I met this very nice woman named Teresa Jouany through my friends Tina and Rikke, the Danish Beauties.  Teresa shared a sample of her new perfume coming out this fall.  Created by her partner Christophe Jouany, the photographer, each perfume takes you on an olfactory adventure, from one city to the next.   The one I sampled was St. Barthelemy.

At least a month if not longer, has passed, and I've been trying it out.   It has become one of my favorite new scents.  More mature than the scents I've used in the past, which tended to be just very citric or lemony.  This starts out with a citrus flavor, but then hints of jasmine, patchouli and vanilla caress my nose leaving me demanding more. A lovely scent. 

I'm almost out of my trial size. And I'm interested in the other scents as well.  Can't wait to try them out!!! 

Go sign up on the website, and they'll let you know when and where the scents are available:

July 18, 2011

Sexy Supervixens Save the World in Jemma Jube Swimwear

Nothing says hello like an yellow itty bitty crochet bikini!

Jemma Jube - Slippery When Wet from Jemma Jube on Vimeo.

You too can become a supervixon! Show your true colors at:
And keep up to date on all your vixon possibilities:

I know someone who would love this little number:

July 15, 2011

SJP looks like a lioness

She does. Admit it! Listen, I've always liked her, and I liked her role on SATC, but I don't like the way she does her makeup in her more recent years. The "heavy on the eye" thing mask her eyes and makes them look smaller.  Sort of beady. And well, it ages her. Don't get me wrong, she is beautiful.  But when I begrudgingly watched the second movie, I remember thinking the best shot of her was from that scene where she had NO MAKEUP on. I won't get into that film… I have too much to say, and it's not pretty.

I haven't mentioned any of this, because that's not really what this blog is about… being critical to our fellow ladies. But her recent job as "president" (President??) of Halston Heritage, had me a little… confused. What exactly are her credentials for that role, besides being rich and fabulous and able to wear fun clothes styled by Patricia Fields? I never really got that.

So I am also happy, just as reported by Alexandra of SEARCHING FOR STYLE, that her relationship with the legendary Halston has been terminated. Enough of celebrities and their role in fashion! I mean, they are good for advertising fashion by wearing it and endorsing it.. but unless they have had an education or long experience (as the Olsen have) then let the experts to it.

I can just hear the groaning of all the talented artists, designers and editors who have studied, practiced and yearned for a spot where instead an over-eager and famous celebrity has stepped in.

So here's one for the industry. Let's home there is more good news like this to come.

Image source via SFS 

July 12, 2011

Laughter is Good for the Soul

So is the beach, the sun, good summer corn, children's laughter, quiet time with family, drinks with friends, a snugly dog, grape popcycles, and a Brandy Daisy.

July 10, 2011

I found the perfect summer bag by KOZA

This past week, my friend Victoria and I decided to check out the Surf Bazaar at the Surf Lodge in Montauk. I've been looking for a summer bag for some time, now and nothing has really caught my eye. The surprise was that the one bag that I immediately was drawn to was from a line by a  friend of mine named Sinje Lesemann introduced to my by my friend Daniela. I knew Sinje was doing these amazing purses, as Daniela already showed me a great bag she had that I secretly coveted. So when Victoria picked up this great little summer bag with Neon Yellow stitching detail, and announced it was a KOZA by Sinje, I jumped for joy! Perfect! It's me. Even though, it's really named after Nico, Danila's daughter. Just goes to show, I'm young at heart!

KOZA. The Nico Small Hobo

Taking their name from sanskrit word meaning treasure, Koza uses fabrics such as cashmere, silk and handcrafted Italian brass hardware. And should you get your hands on these beautifully crafted products 'treasure' them is just what you might want to do.