July 26, 2011

Birds of a feather...

Feather Earrings seem to be the rage right now... or at least I started noting it in February, and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere.  For the moment.  It didn't hurt to have Gwyneth Paltrol in her hot pink feather earrings at the Grammy's this year, or Drew Barrymore in her lovely pair along with her lovely red hair.   But everywhere I go, or look, I see them.  One of the magazines that have been accumulating on my dusty floor had a spread with sexy sirens and feather earrings.   I remember even thinking… hmmm.   Talk about trying to sell a look.  I was hooked.  Yet, I refrained.

celebs in feathers

Then I saw a beautiful pair at the Surf Lodge in Montauk and really was almost tempted–but $250 dollars!!   I stopped right there.   I think not. 

I know how to make jewelry, and I know where to find gorgeous feathers.   I'm not opposed to a good set of feather earrings, but I think it's got to be cheaper, or a DIY project with Lady Sullivan.   Let's face it, they won't be around next season.

But there are options. And the temptation lingers...

XVelvetX, from Santa Cruz, CA delivers some "badass" handmade jewelry at reasonable and friend rates:

Some surprisingly decent prices from Adia Kibur, on some amazingly designed jewelry.   But it's her bracelet that fancy:


And then the not so cheap, but exquiste, Jeeyun Ha (see photo at the very top).  Hey, sometimes quality costs more.. and the rest of can just drool.

and then...

Alkemie.  I do love these.  Very sleek.   But again, pricier of off shopbop.com.  But Alkemie, had a pair of gold feather earrings that I am definitely coveting.  A little more... lasting than real feathers.


and let us not leave out Vanessa Mooney.  Ahhhh.  Loving these... The wild Warrior Single Earring:


Now for a Blast from the Past. You know you want to see. 

Here I am, in my freak period, circa 1981, smack right between my prep and new wave thang... before my punk girl set in, and turned natty.  And then became late 80's rocker chick.

Hey you can NOT put a label on me!
Do NOT try!!

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