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A Scent to Remember

A few months back I met this very nice woman named Teresa Jouany through my friends Tina and Rikke, the Danish Beauties.  Teresa shared a sample of her new perfume coming out this fall.  Created by her partner Christophe Jouany, the photographer, each perfume takes you on an olfactory adventure, from one city to the next.   The one I sampled was St. Barthelemy.

At least a month if not longer, has passed, and I've been trying it out.   It has become one of my favorite new scents.  More mature than the scents I've used in the past, which tended to be just very citric or lemony.  This starts out with a citrus flavor, but then hints of jasmine, patchouli and vanilla caress my nose leaving me demanding more. A lovely scent. 

I'm almost out of my trial size. And I'm interested in the other scents as well.  Can't wait to try them out!!! 

Go sign up on the website, and they'll let you know when and where the scents are available: