July 15, 2011

SJP looks like a lioness

She does. Admit it! Listen, I've always liked her, and I liked her role on SATC, but I don't like the way she does her makeup in her more recent years. The "heavy on the eye" thing mask her eyes and makes them look smaller.  Sort of beady. And well, it ages her. Don't get me wrong, she is beautiful.  But when I begrudgingly watched the second movie, I remember thinking the best shot of her was from that scene where she had NO MAKEUP on. I won't get into that film… I have too much to say, and it's not pretty.

I haven't mentioned any of this, because that's not really what this blog is about… being critical to our fellow ladies. But her recent job as "president" (President??) of Halston Heritage, had me a little… confused. What exactly are her credentials for that role, besides being rich and fabulous and able to wear fun clothes styled by Patricia Fields? I never really got that.

So I am also happy, just as reported by Alexandra of SEARCHING FOR STYLE, that her relationship with the legendary Halston has been terminated. Enough of celebrities and their role in fashion! I mean, they are good for advertising fashion by wearing it and endorsing it.. but unless they have had an education or long experience (as the Olsen have) then let the experts to it.

I can just hear the groaning of all the talented artists, designers and editors who have studied, practiced and yearned for a spot where instead an over-eager and famous celebrity has stepped in.

So here's one for the industry. Let's home there is more good news like this to come.

Image source via SFS 

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