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Summer Project : Decoupage Sliding Doors a la Surf Mags

Fun but really a challenge too.

This project was long over due.   My husband, Mark, came up with this great idea to wall paper the boys room at our beach house with images from all his surf magazines that he's been hanging on to for the past few years.   Sadly he doesn't have all the ones he had as a kid.  He's not the "collecting" sort. But as this was about 3 years ago that he came up with the idea, we have at least 3 years worth of magazines to work with.

He grew up every summer out here at the beach, and at  a very early age started surfing.  Well he started body surfing first and then graduated to surfing.   I've never seen anyone bodysurf like he does; he does it with grace and amazing personal style.  Very much like he surfs.   At 41 he is a seasoned surfer.   The waves off the coast of Montauk to Amaganset are a familiar friend to him.

So it seems fitting that the doors to his old childhood room, which now is the room of our two sons, be decorated with images of surfing.   They both are now both starting to learn how to surf.  Like father like sons.

thank the stars for a lovely working space

Shellac is one way to do it.

Rest in Peace Andy Irons

With the original surfer, my darling husband.

The Final Product!

Jackson, it's only the beginning.

Mark, the surf warrior.