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Falls Fashion Has Influenced Me to Pull Out The Vintage

There is a lot of "I need, I need" that runs through my head as I shuffle through my magazines each month. Especially this time of year. Otherwise I'm pretty sure the need wouldn't be there. But all of a sudden I need a long pair of grey, and a long pair of purple slim denim jeans (1&2); I need some silky slouchy evening pants in metallic or a bright color(3)... or both; I need an evening jumpsuit(4), preferably with cropped legs in a silky material; I also need a crocodile purse(5)....  Hey I got that(6).

Just by chance I stopped in at Honey's store one afternoon, 1 of a Find, and finally found the vintage crocodile bag I've been looking for.   She had one I was considering, but it had a spot on it, so I thought I would wait until the perfect one found me. But then as I was standing at the register (to purchase my a lovely silk turquoise shirt), Looking down at me from a shelf placed conveniently by the register was the perfect mint condition bag, with …