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Falls Fashion Has Influenced Me to Pull Out The Vintage

Things I've been collecting– before I spotted them in print.
Top Left: Turqouise silk shirt from 1 of a find; Bottom Left: Green silk Dress from 1 of a Find; Bottom and far right: From Ebay.

There is a lot of "I need, I need" that runs through my head as I shuffle through my magazines each month. Especially this time of year. Otherwise I'm pretty sure the need wouldn't be there. But all of a sudden I need a long pair of grey, and a long pair of purple slim denim jeans (1&2); I need some silky slouchy evening pants in metallic or a bright color(3)... or both; I need an evening jumpsuit(4), preferably with cropped legs in a silky material; I also need a crocodile purse(5)....  Hey I got that(6).

Just can't get enough of pants!  I've decided Gucci takes the prize for my favorite outfits this fall.

Just by chance I stopped in at Honey's store one afternoon, 1 of a Find, and finally found the vintage crocodile bag I've been looking for.   She had one I was considering, but it had a spot on it, so I thought I would wait until the perfect one found me. But then as I was standing at the register (to purchase my a lovely silk turquoise shirt), Looking down at me from a shelf placed conveniently by the register was the perfect mint condition bag, with red silk lining.  And it came with a lovely change purse!  And only for just $50.00!   Upon purchasing, I was told, "Croc is really in right now".  Yes, they are, so I see as I  flip the pages of my magazines.  They are all over the Fall spreads, and are priced designer sky high at a whopping $350 minimum, if not $3000.     What a bargain!

Croc is in!

Just like last winter and spring when I was buying all these old silky 70's and 80's shirts in cobalt blue, turquoise and green, all of a sudden I see that that's the new big thing.  And hopefully from what I've read, it's going to stick around for a while.    It's not that I care to be on trend.  I don't.   But I like to see color on people, not just black.  Although... I do like some black.  But it's fun to see what everyone will do with it.

Lady Croc, via One of a Find

For me, my obsessions in clothing and style are inspired by movies from my past, like the Eyes of Laura Mars.  And designers from the past, like Halson and Norma Kamali.   I think being a tween/teenager during the late 70's and seeing my friends older sisters dressing up and going out, while we merely pretended, is why I still yearn for those glamorous, hedonistic nights decked out in silky dresses, with lip gloss and glittery eye makeup.

Faye Dunaway in the Eyes of Laura Mars


Fashion just grabs me that way.  When I "dress up", I feel like I embody the spirit of the garment or the time, and then the garment absorbs my personality back.   I don't spend time strategizing about what I'll wear (unless there is some event I'm off too), I just grab a piece out of my closet, and then try to work from that.  I usually go through about 3 looks until it feels right.  And I don't usually go through magazines making lists of what I need for the fall.   Why plan, when it can simply just happen.  But, what I sometimes do is think of the outfits I have, and imagine how to make them look fresh. Then when I go through the magazines, I get ideas of how something-- like a pair of red ankle boots and a black croc bag-- would look with my new turquoise silk top; The one I got from 1 of  a Find!

Here comes Fashion Week.  And how exciting is that. I can't wait to go out this Thursday (tomorrow), with the girls, as we will once again be joining the throngs of Fashionable boys and girls during Fashion Night Out.

Maybe I'll see you out there as well!