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A Haunted Halloween to You!

What a fantastic Halloween weekend!  And it's still not over.   Went to a fantastic party on Saturday with the kids, and we all really went out.. even in the snow!   Pictures to follow this week.   But here I wanted to show you my half baked (but not really) Haunted Halloween House the boys and I made.   Based on Martha Stewart's Gingerbread Halloween House from 2002 we created one out of cardboard instead of gingerbread... because really, who has time to make sheets of gingerbread and cut it to template. So we "winged" it.   I had stored the box with all the candy and templates in a cabinet for 10 years!   I lost the instructions and could not find them anywhere on line.  And I couldn't find any suitable pictures, except one, which someone else did.  So again, we "winged" it. And I just let the kids have at the glue gun and stale candy.   Then end results?  Fantastic!!!

The Days of Random Exposure under the Guise of Art.

Or some other such nonsense one does during art school.

Don't ask me what my original idea was here.  All I remember is that I had my roommate take these poloroids of me while I played the accordian naked.   I don't play the accordian, by the way.  It has something to do with me seeking out my Polish heritage.   But most importantly, trying to get into the pants of some hot colledge boy I was trying to hook up with.   Turns out he bailed on me, so my roommate stepped in.   I think I eventually got my hands into his pants, but not on this day.

Yes, I was young, naive and directionless.  A mere 23 years of age.   But I was never shy of nudity.  In fact somewhere there is a photo of me walking nude through the woods of Griffith Park, in L.A.  I did quite a few "modeling" gigs for fellow class mates:  I wore a lampshade as a skirt once, wrapped a python named Cleo around my neck, posed for over an hour naked with my arm pointed up in the air for a painting... well the l…

A Personal Look at Daryl K's New Spring/Resort Collection

I was really looking forward to my visit with Trish O'Callaghan, who works PR for Daryl Kerrigan on her amazing line.   I've always been a big fan of Daryl's clothing, even before I met her. In the early 90's I had a couple of pairs of her cool pants.  No one did pants like Daryl.   So I was excited to get a close look at the new spring/resort collection she has tucked away in her showroom.  The most exciting part of her new collection–besides the cut and great draping–are the prints which were done in collaboration with New York artist Spencer Sweeney.  

I love the inspiration wall above.  The fabulous brush strokes.  Some of my favorite photos from the look book below.

Here we go!  The asymmetrical cuts, the use sweeneys art as design, silky tunics, silky harem pants with a new cut and her iconic leather leggings...  Um, let's just say, they are ALL on my wish list.

Shoes.  Did I mention shoes?  These tan, red and black sandals, look great just lining the wall…

Vintage on the Hudson

There is a lovely store in Cold Springs that I stop in when I'm there called Poma Rosa. It is stocked with very chic items. Patricia, the owner, has an great eye for vintage: mid-century decor and '70s clothing. Over the summer I bought these cool vintage sunglasses, and this polka dot jumper, pictured below. Here you'll also see Victoria modeling a sequin top. She has too many, so we wouldn't let her purchase it.

Next time your in town, check it out. I have a few other favorites that I'll share... eventually.

Poma Rosa Antiques
82 Main St
Cold Spring, NY 10516