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The Days of Random Exposure under the Guise of Art.

Or some other such nonsense one does during art school.

Don't ask me what my original idea was here.  All I remember is that I had my roommate take these poloroids of me while I played the accordian naked.   I don't play the accordian, by the way.  It has something to do with me seeking out my Polish heritage.   But most importantly, trying to get into the pants of some hot colledge boy I was trying to hook up with.   Turns out he bailed on me, so my roommate stepped in.   I think I eventually got my hands into his pants, but not on this day.

Yes, I was young, naive and directionless.  A mere 23 years of age.   But I was never shy of nudity.  In fact somewhere there is a photo of me walking nude through the woods of Griffith Park, in L.A.  I did quite a few "modeling" gigs for fellow class mates:  I wore a lampshade as a skirt once, wrapped a python named Cleo around my neck, posed for over an hour naked with my arm pointed up in the air for a painting... well the list goes on.   

I was never  paid.  At the most I received a print.   That wasn't the point.  I just liked to model, for the fun of it.  And now, I have a book filled with these odd prints.   I think I'll pull out a few, every now and then, and share them.