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A Haunted Halloween to You!

What a fantastic Halloween weekend!  And it's still not over.   Went to a fantastic party on Saturday with the kids, and we all really went out.. even in the snow!   Pictures to follow this week.   But here I wanted to show you my half baked (but not really) Haunted Halloween House the boys and I made.   Based on Martha Stewart's Gingerbread Halloween House from 2002 we created one out of cardboard instead of gingerbread... because really, who has time to make sheets of gingerbread and cut it to template. So we "winged" it.   I had stored the box with all the candy and templates in a cabinet for 10 years!   I lost the instructions and could not find them anywhere on line.  And I couldn't find any suitable pictures, except one, which someone else did.  So again, we "winged" it. And I just let the kids have at the glue gun and stale candy.   Then end results?  Fantastic!!!

An old Zara box comes in handy...

a little left over black paint works for the base...

Two capable kids and two very hot glue guns.

A tray full of very old licorice which seems to appeal to the Danish even if it is 10 years old

The finished results.