October 6, 2011

Hola Piñata!

Yesterday was my Birthday, and I celebrated in style. 

My darling husband put together a quick little party for me; with tapas and a Piñata! I couldn't have asked for anything more sweet and fun!  I whacked that Piñata good, and did some serious damage. 

I wish I had more pictures.. but alas, it's fun sometimes to just enjoy the moment and not live it through a lens.  But just a few friends stopped by, and dazzled me with their lovely outfits!  They all know how much I love to dress up!!

 I'm wearing my vintage 80's lace flapper dress with my friend's Jill Sander fur wrap.  She acquired it dirt cheap at one of our school auctions!  I wanna know where I was when she grabbed this baby. I would fought her over it.  Although I'm not sure I would have known what to wear it with, but as it turns out it looks fab with this dress!

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