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A Personal Look at Daryl K's New Spring/Resort Collection

I was really looking forward to my visit with Trish O'Callaghan, who works PR for Daryl Kerrigan on her amazing line.   I've always been a big fan of Daryl's clothing, even before I met her. In the early 90's I had a couple of pairs of her cool pants.  No one did pants like Daryl.   So I was excited to get a close look at the new spring/resort collection she has tucked away in her showroom.  The most exciting part of her new collection–besides the cut and great draping–are the prints which were done in collaboration with New York artist Spencer Sweeney.  

I love the inspiration wall above.  The fabulous brush strokes.  Some of my favorite photos from the look book below.

Here we go!  The asymmetrical cuts, the use sweeneys art as design, silky tunics, silky harem pants with a new cut and her iconic leather leggings...  Um, let's just say, they are ALL on my wish list.

Shoes.  Did I mention shoes?  These tan, red and black sandals, look great just lining the wall. Can you picture them in your closet?  Why, in.  Put them out!  They need to be seen.  And worn.  

Trish models my favorite fanny pack, worn on the shoulder. A shoulder pack! Seriously. This color is delicious. I'm seeing Red. 

Love these red shorts above.   I have to say, I find it extremely frustrating not to be able to wear these now!  Why wait for spring!  I would wear these clothes all year round. And the reason is, you could layer them!   And the colors. While they work in the spring for the weight, the color is so versatile.  It speaks to me now.

So of course, I couldn't make it out with a purchase.. or two. The above dress is from her fall collection, which I saw at her runway show back in February. So funny, that it's now accessible. And I have to wait for the new stuff till February!

Oh the Fashion world! They keep us waiting, don't they!