November 2, 2011

4 Hot Boots from Anthropolgie

Every now and then I like to hit the Anthropologie website and browse their shoes and boots.  I love the designers they use, and the quality of the boots/shoes are fantastic.  So I present to you, my recent top 4 picks.  I will not be purchasing them, however, because I can't spend this much on shoes.  Right now.

Ilkka Booties, $328.00
These sexy little boots- I just adore. Really fun little heel, and the straps that criss-cross over the boot works for me.  Love that little platform in the front!

~ ~ ~

Julienned Booties, $438.00
These are pretty basic.  But the flat wide straps that reveal hints of skin or tights, add a sexiness to an otherwise boring boot.

~ ~ ~

Odds and Ends Belted Booties, $578.00
LOL. These are hysterical in their at the Rainbow on Sunset Boulevard circa 1980's look.  I have a soft spot for this look, in minimum, as I once walked that boulevard between 88-91.  Yeah, it was a fun time... boys with long hair, guitars strapped to their backs. The odd run-in with a member from Guns and Roses.  Girls who wore leggings as pants with leopard prints.  Ya that was me.  But these boots are made well, and fun.

~ ~ ~

Open Studio Boots, $350.00

Well, come now. The scuff marks, the thin leather, chunky heel.  But it's the granny meets contractor boots that really makes me shake with glee.

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Luna Tiger said...

Hello ! Thanks for your nice comment !
I love those shoes, specially the second one and the last one !