November 14, 2011

Barefoot! Who me? Never!

Yes I am obsessed. But it's not my fault. I can't help that the shoes out this fall are hot. Or that a little vintage store happens to have a pair of fake snakeskin boots that fit perfect.   It's really not me.  Things happen!

Opposing Friends:
DarylK's Kerrigan Cowboy Boot.
Paul Smith's, wing tipped miller
"Everything a Man does, a Woman can do better!"

I've been looking for the perfect wing tipped "mans" shoe,
but wasn't satisfied till
I found these gems.

Highly Coveted.. finally scored.

Cute little walkable ankle boots- Blowfish Malibu, picked up at DNA on Smith.
The Perfect Platform wedge in suede with leather tipped toes and unique cut out on side- SENSO DIFFUSION-
Dear Fieldbinder on Smith Street.

The Prize:  $40.00 fake snakeskin boots found at
Sweet Little Vintage place in Cold Springs, New York
(Heavenly Treasures 93 Main St Cold Spring)

1 comment:

Luna Tiger said...

Oh yes ! the shoe's god walks with you these days !!! The snake skin shoes are amazing !!!