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A Thanksgiving Narrative

    There is much to be remembered of this past weekends excursion to Garrison to celebrate our third annual Thanksgiving among our friends.  But my favorite is of our excursion down the hill into the field to have our group photo taken by Jelle. There are many photgraphers among our group, professional and amateur... and thanks to the these amateur photographers, we were able to capture this adventure from all different angles.  

So the Sullivans, Midgleys, Warfields, Jung and Wagenaars– children and adults– all eagerly trekked in our nice clothes, through the tall grass and jumped, laughed and posed to document the event.

Leading the troops, Nick hauls the makeshift tripod out to the field

Jelle focuses in, and unsuspectedly becomes the subject

self portraits are always fun

capturing the photographers

capturing us

the Warfields

And of course, my Thanksgiving outfit: 
• Leopard jacket, from vintage store in Cold Springs
• Elizabeth and James Long black skirt, gift from Daniela
• Satin top by DarylK, Bond Street
• Necklace from Dear Fieldbinder, gift from Mark