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The Fabulous Halloween Ghost Cake!

Inspired by the Martha Stewart Ghost Cake, which looked fabluous on it's black cake stand and black candles... I took it upon myself to re-create it for my friends Halloween Party.  Unfortunately I did not have the cake stand, or the candles...but found this great plastic silver candelabra.. and thought it would give it a more personalized expression.   I also did NOT bake it from scratch.  What with doing my costume, the kids costume, a Fake Halloween Gingerbread Mansion, who has time for anything else. So Betty came to the rescue. 

I started with two simple Betty Crocker boxes... made four unfortunate layers... started icing them up with snowy white frosting...

...then added in the marshmallows followed by sugar cubs and black frosting for eyes.

And there you have it... another Martha inspired project but with real time ingredients.