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The Manor at Garrison

the menu

This was our third thanksgiving in Garrison New York with our friends from Brooklyn.  It's really fun to share a little old American tradition with our friends, who are all  expat Brits, Dutch and German.   And even better, it's fun to share the kitchen with them.  Everyone seems to be a cook in some way or another. And some really different dishes get thrown in from the customary Thanksgiving meal, to create a more worldly thanksgiving feast.  There was red cabbage from German, Brussel sprouts from the Dutch, Devil on Horseback and Cauliflower Cheese from the Brits, and of course Turkey, roasted carrots and cranberry from the Americans.  The desert didn't miss a beat either.  We skipped the traditional Pecan and Pumkin Pie for a more gourmet set up of an Apple Strudel Pie with mystery spice and Cranberry cheesecake from the Dutch lady, and amazing chocolate soufflé from the Brit.   

We shopped, we cooked, we baked, we laughed, we photographed the event, we sat, we ate, we lay down, we ate more, we lay down more, we played ping pong, guitar hero, and backgammon.

It was an event to remember.   As I get ready for my move abroad to Germany, I will have so many fond things to remember from this past year.   I'm so thankful to all my friends and family.   I hope they take a leap of adventure and come visit me when I'm abroad.

Cooks in the Kitchen
everybody chips in

roasted carrots, with an eager customer at the shrimp

the boys chop while listening to tunes

Success is only 5 minutes to boiling

checking on Turkey Tim

Cuing Up

the children wait eagerly

the adults await patiently

winding down...
even the horse get's a treat

the mistress and mister of the manor

*Black and White Photography by Mark Warfield.  Colored photos (besides the apple surprise and lemon tart) by Jelle Wagenaar.