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The 43rd Family of the Weston Shoot.

So super cool!   We had our family portrait shot by Heather Weston ( a fellow Art Center Alumni ) and parent at the school my boys attend.  She created a personal challenge called 52 Families, where she photographs a different family every week for the year.   Her task;  to go out and get 52 families to participate.   She visits them at their home, and captures the whole family (pets too) interacting.   Well, it starts off with you posing.. but she waits and tries to capture the moment in-between.   The photo above, is not the photo she chose, but I love it too.  There were so many great shots.  See the shirt I made?   And I love the eye contact.

The one she chose on her site, shows us in cozy setting: our bedroom. It's special to me, because when the boys were toddlers, our morning routine centered around the bed.   We basically had breakfast in bed every morning!  That ended when they entered kindergarten.  But we still pile up in bed, and not only when there are nightmares... but to wrestle, laugh and cry.

So now Heather has a waiting list. But if you want your photo taken, don't worry.  You can hire her and get a great family portrait done by the holidays.  So hurry up, she gets booked fast!

See 52 Families: